ET Phone Home

Good rain. A bucket gusher. This morning we woke up to rain. Timely rain. It really opened up and poured around mid morning. The radar shows more moving in this evening. We are currently under a tornado watch until 10:00 PM. That we don’t need. I don’t think we need any gully washers either but then what do I know.

Call your mother.

I hope you’re having a good mother’s day. With all the rain and humidity the mushrooms should pop. I hear the asparagus is right for cutting. Which is where I’m going before it’s raining again.

I’m back. I not only cut the patch up on the east line fence south of the house. The patch I remember cutting with Mom back when I was a child. I drove around the neighborhood and cut the patches I’ve spotted in road ditches during the summer months in years gone by. I’ve always seen the little red berries that form in late summer but this is the first time I’ve gone back in the spring and checked the spots to see if my intuition and spotting abilities are intact. I doubled the haul with the road ditch asparagus. Sixty seven spears.

My daughter (#4) is out in the kitchen boiling the goods up now. We ended up with a lot of white shoots. The spots in the ditch were at least a week behind the spot up in the line fence. The cattle have the grass grazed low from pasturing it last fall up in the line fence so it has warmed up a lot sooner than the heavily overgrown areas out in the road ditches. Good evidence that nobody is claiming them.

Well I’m finishing off this post before we lose our power. They say sixty seven mile per hour winds are only ten miles west heading this way. So I’ll see you later.

Then, there …….