Hits End

AgDay TV and I’ll tell you why. (The question was,” What’s on your mind?”.)  AgDay TV is a product produced by the Farm Journal Broadcasting company I think and it’s marketed in various television markets around the United States. I think Des Moines and Sioux City in Iowa each carry the program on one of their local television stations. Omaha just seems to be one they missed. So I try to catch it on the web. Which isn’t as easy as you would think. I have no problem watching movies on NetFlix. I have no problem watching video on You Tube. Even full length movies. But for some reason when I go to Farm Journal’s web site and try to watch AgDay TV I usually have issues with the whole experience.

I know it’s about farming and I know we always have issues in farming but this company is always pushing the newest and latest technologies that the agrindustrial complex is trying to sell to the farmer. They are and have always been basically part of the marketing arm of the complex. Advertising provides their bread and butter. Those facts alone may explain the crappiness of their internet presence. Since everything on the web is supposedly free once you buy access. They maybe haven’t figured out how to make money off of the internet. Who has? I use it as a television you can literally talk back to. I have always argued with the idiots they put on the TV. Now when I do I can hit send.

If you are going to promote modern technology but not walk the walk after you’ve talked the talk I don’t think you’re gonna need shades, your future taint that bright. If you can’t offer a 4G or 5G experience you are going to lose hits. All of the media aggregation that AgDay offers is available from multiple sites around the web. Often from a single source. Often for free. Plus, without the obligatory pro agrindustrial complex slant. Craporation free, you might say. Unfiltered, free range web grazing. Serf adverse. Who has time to surf anyway, there’s much too much left to learn. It’s never a bad time to ask questions. Just hit send.