Good morning folks. Not to sound like a suspicious observer or anything. It is morning and I like the term folks. I don’t know why, maybe ’cause it sounds folksy. My formative early years were during the folk music era of the sixties. You remember, comfortably edged between the beatniks and the hippies. The baby boomers age of innocence. Peter Paul and Mary. Joan Baez. The Mommas and The Poppas. The circling of the psychic wagons around the holistic hitching post before the onslaught of Vietnam. Or more likely during it. The onslaught. Not “Nam. Well ……..

Glad I missed that. I’d have probably been a river rat in that one. I had the distinction of serving at the beginning of the all volunteer army. Or Navy in my case. Post ‘Nam. Right before they realized they needed a standing professional army. A couple enlisted personnel riots (one that I know of first hand) and subsequent large pay raises later and we have what we have today. An overworked and still underpaid group of “professional soldiers” running cover for a highly skilled well paid professional imperial mercenary force. Aka our turn of the wheel.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I enjoyed my two year stint in the cluster fucked circle jerking Micky Mouse Club while I was there. I got to breathe once in a while but mostly it’s memory is one akin of holding my breath waiting to breathe. I’ll never forget the smell of those northwest Florida forests as they booted my ass out the rear gate of NAS Pensacola and I realized I was free. I had jumped out of the frying pan into the fire when I entered the Navy. Graduated high school on Wednesday, boarded the plane for boot camp on Thursday. This was my first real taste of freedom.

Wednesday night Johnie had a kegger party in his mother’s garage celebrating our graduation so Thursday I got to travel hung over. I hate to say it but that became the norm in the Navy. The most traveling I’ve ever done. Always after somebody’s going away party. We were always going away to some damn different post in the Navy. If we weren’t one of our com-padres were. Here’s to the sojourner, may he have a pleasant trip. Fair skies and following winds. Bottoms UP! How about another round of shots!

Well I started this post to talk about the weather. 32 degrees. Wind out of the northwest. A couple inches of snow on the ground. April Fools a few days late. Winter again. Winter still. Since Halloween. Winter. Enough already. Snowflower. Go to seed and DIE. Come back a rain shower. A warm rain shower. Last year we had snow on May 1st. I guess I’d better not complain. Then I won’t complain. It is a good excuse to write in my blog.  My new blog. Aka Cocreator’s New blog. I hope you enjoy reading it. I know I enjoy writing it. I think I’ll wheel another large log into the basement in the wheelbarrow and split it in the warmth of the fire. Then I think I’ll make another cup of tea with lemon and honey and watch a little You Tube.

Have another wonderful round of winter. Like we have a choice. Not if we’re going to live here. Before long I’ll be bitching about the heat instead of trying to create it. Besides, snow has a definite chilling effect on spring fever. It may be good medicine.

See ya then, see ya there.