House Of Card’s

Cardinal Points that is.

Sorry for the hiatus. Or has Cocreator’s New Blog become a weekly? No, I didn’t give it up for lent. But I have been busy. The income taxes are paid. At least the personal ones that I’m (or more truthfully my STRAW MAN is) responsible for. The first half rent is paid. I’ve locked in a current 40,000 US Dollar loss. Though it doesn’t look that way on my income taxes. For the third year in a row. It will more than make up for any profits I’ve been pushing forward. Of course I won’t have the money to pay the income taxes if I don’t keep pushing it forward.

I can tell that the banks are not going to help out. Though they are glad to see those pre paid costs on the balance sheet they won’t be easy to get along with if the crop growing sector can’t return a profit for a couple more years. The loan officer couldn’t believe the bleeding balance sheet this year. He kept looking around to find what he’d done wrong on the figures. All I could do was point out that I saw this coming three years ago. I got the feeling after I had left that my visit had really shaken the poor farmer/loan officer’s confidence along with some of his convictions. I was one of his worry free accounts.

It makes no difference to me. When they shut me off I’ll quit farming. I’m pretty sure this is where I came into this movie. When I started every farmer was going broke. Many farmers had already been shut off and sold out. It’s interesting to see what was happening before I had come around that corner 32 years ago. All we’ll need is rising interest rates. If we are able to get the zero percent interest rates the zombie banks are getting we can continue in a similar zombie fashion. They could artificially prop up the value of land and rents in the same way houses and stocks are currently being artificially propped up.

What have we given up? We’re all suppose to give up something. They call this the lenten season. (Lent In Season) So the money’s been lent into creation. Yes, I’m a cocreator there also. As are all who borrow money into creation. Borrowing money is how it’s created in a reserve banking system. A system where the banks only have to keep a small reserve of their capital base on hand and are allowed to loan out (aka create) many times as much as they have on deposit. That’s why runs on banks can’t be tolerated, the money (beyond the tiny reserve) simply isn’t there. It’s also why the debt can’t be written down or paid off without causing severe deflation of the money supply. It’s a house of cards from the get go. Built on a  sand foundation. (Silica?) (Fracking?)

And I think I hear the inevitable approaching winds of change.





If you stand up and tell the people the truth you will be cut down unforgiven. Watch closely and you can easily discern this fact as truth itself. That is what I took away from the book written by Charles Walters titled Unforgiven. I wish I knew who gave me that book. I wish I knew where it went after I read it. What I do know is I found it on a bookshelf here in my home. Inside the vertical set of narrow book shelves that run up the front side of the chimney in the “front room” of this farmhouse I grew up in. It was a small paperback book with a hand grenade and a bullet belt along with a few other items pictured on it’s front cover. I hate to say it because it probably says something about me that I may not want to acknowledge but had it not been for those weapons of war I may not have picked up the book. More truthfully I may have picked it up but the chance that it was a war read is what started me reading it.

It was a war read but not the kind of war I was expecting. The war it describes is the war between the banksters and the free, peace loving, hard working people of these united states. It was a book based on the studious calculations of Carl Wilkens, a founding father of the group of scholars now known as the National Organization of Raw Materials. For whatever reason a group that is hard to find here on the internet. When I searched “NORM Unforgiven” on Duck Duck GO this came out on top …….

Charles Walters – NORM Hall of Fame – NORM Economics Home Page

When I clicked on it this is what popped up next …….

Not Found

The requested URL /websites/normeco/htdocs/walters.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request.

Now I know why they call it re search.

So I did a search for the same on You Tube and this is what I stumbled upon …….

A few year old short lecture that will give you the gist of what the book was about. At least what the economics of the book is about. I highly recommend watching the lecture and reading the book if you can get your hands on a copy. Written about Carl Wilken, a congressman from Sioux City Iowa if I remember right. (I read the book back in the 1990’s)  The man who did the bulk of the research that could very possibly have won us the second world war (if we won, see yesterday’s post) was later accused of collusion and racketeering and run out of town unforgiven. Hence the name of the book. It may also explain the weapons of war on the cover.

Yesterday when I was contemplating the twisted, false reading of history we in ‘Merica’ accept as truth I was reminded of this very interesting read. When I searched the tube this was the first vid I found. There may be more out there. There may also be a way to do and end run around the network sensors and find out more about this group (NORM) whose only goal is prosperity and a common wealth. An idea that at one time enjoyed a much wider support, that today is discouraged in exchange for an encouraged serfdom for the masses. If not outright dependence on Caesar’s bread and circuses.

I say wake up Gall liver and snap these strings the little people have tried to tie you down with. Stand and walk with impunity. You are a giant next to them. While you needn’t stomp them into the soil as the fertilizer they are at the same time you needn’t any longer be burdened by their insignificant existence. Gird yourselves with knowledge. A bit of citrus possibly to repel them like the annoying mosquitoes that they are. If in deed you have been bothered by them. Out here beyond the pale (outside the green zone) we have all we need. If you check it.

With that I think I’ll check it.

See you then, see you there.



May Flowers

Happy Tax Day. (I started writing this yesterday)

A wise old man I knew (Mine) once told me not to fret about paying taxes, that means you made a profit. But then he was part of the greatest generation. Or so our mas media have christened them as such. Ah the main stream media, herd dogs of a soon by-gone era. The generation that was consumed in this new world order for the ages. The generation who willingly marched into the slaughterhouse. Not as meat cutters, though some were adept at playing the part. These poor misled, starved and battered souls were not only robbed by ten-eleven years of  economical depression, they were more than willingly herded up, buzzed short, clothed in uniformed monkey suits and poured out on beaches all around the world to try to snuff out the “demons”  their overlords had created, or was that cocreated?

Don’t get me wrong, they were far from the first. Those of the civil war era were maybe a little more easily led astray, convince that their brothers needed to be murdered, either to keep them in the fold or to let them be free of it. Had the tremendous taxes imposed upon the rural states (reportedly up to 40%) simply been ignored, much as the thirty million people who’ve decided to quit playing the corrupted income tax game (as of the year 2000, who knows what it is today fourteen years later) and had the southern states forced, by any and all “off the grid” measures, the Federales to enforce their unsupportable crunch, hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides of the conflict could have been saved. But that premise could be supposed for almost all the fallacious conflicts polluting our common history. When listening to fools the Mob rules. I think you know of which Mob I speak.

Later in life he was more than aware of what had transpired. Luckily he was still in Diesel School for the Marines when the Japanese super dirigibles held Truman hostage with the severe threat of biological warfare. The ensuing suing for peace or at least ceasing of hostilities that had Truman capitulating at the Emperor’s feet from the corner he’d been backed into saved my father’s life. He was going to be the “sacrifice to Mammon” along with possibly millions of US conscripts that our malevolent leaders had planned to offer up for world dominion. His contemporaries and he were spared the inevitable death on Pacific beaches trying to take the Japanese islands when this insanity was permanently delayed. Or I wouldn’t be here writing this diatribe today. He would have died along with the rest of America.

These last little tidbits of history I have no way of knowing if he was aware of. What I do know is his reaction to my first use of the word bankster in a conversation we were having. Of those crooks he was aware. Also, he was plainly aware of many of the other atrocities our malevolent leaders have perpetrated. He told twice (I think he forgot he’d told me) (or he thought it appropriate to remind me) of his little encounter while wandering down around Mena, Arkansas looking for an airport when a rather authoritative man drove up to him and confronted him. More or less telling him to get his Yankee ass back to Iowa where he belonged if he cherished his tranquility. He spoke of hair standing up on his neck. I wonder if he was aware that that’s your subconscious’s way of telling you to pay very close attention.

Though I have yet to read the Treaty Of San Francisco that official ended the state of war between our two great nations I intend to try to find and read what must be a very interesting and revealing document. It may be online. It may be in libraries somewhere. That isn’t the only treaty document I intend to read. I’ve heard that the Treaty Of Westphalia between the prepubescent United States and King George’s British Isles is a fascinating read. If  “Merakins” actually knew real history what a world it could be. Until then we might want to listen to someone whose job it was to burn that history. The links below are there for anybody’s examination. Listen at your paradigmatic peril.

See ya in the funny pages writing teenie tiny ‘toons,