Busy Nest

April showers bring tree trimming, brush clearing, and fire. I still have some fence to deconstruct, another good showers’ day work. Eurasia’s taking the day off for Easter according to market reports. I couldn’t sit still yesterday, I had to go out and trim a few trees. But I regretted revving up the fire at sunset thinking the wind was winding down and dieing out. As soon as it was dark up came the strong breeze. By then the tire I’d thrown on the two day old coals had ignited and there’s no putting a burning tire out. Luckily the wind was blowing away from the barns and towards the windbreak I’d been trimming. After letting cows run under the cedars last summer there’s nothing but bare ground on the half to one acre site that used to be cattle yards. Bare ground under thirty five year old trees. What embers did escape the ashes were quickly burned out.

The Corn has all been hauled and is sitting in the grain elevator waiting to be sold at planting time. Sell in May and go away is an old adage that came from Wall Street I believe. I also believe it can be a good thumb rule for the corn markets. Unless you’re a speculator, then good luck is what you’ll need. Some of the hottest weather markets happen during the summer. That’s when it can make sense to sell a third of what you’re growing ahead of harvest. I should say a third of an average crop. Which is how much I have no storage for. The thinking is that you almost always grow a third of a crop even if you’re the one getting burned by the drouth. With the moisture savings of no till a half a crop is usually assured. I have read that a terminated cover crop can act as a moisture sink storing water inside the now dead cover until the growing cash crop absorbs it.

There’s not much more to report from the corn patch here in Southwestern Iowa. Gas is going on along with other fertilizers and bulldozers are busy pushing up terraces. Or as I call them, the Inca’s revenge. Drainage tiles are being laid to get rid of the excessive water accumulated in the terraces and added to the water tables. It’s like watching a dog chase it’s tail with all this business. When I’m not too busy to watch. First I have a tail that I need to catch. Or is that a tree? Until I do …….

See ya then see ya there.