No Ledge

I was getting ready to write this and decided I wanted to listen to music while I wrote. Above was what I fell upon as my choice. Fill free to play it while you read. No, that’s not a typo …….

I was checking out some posts by other “bloggers” if that’s the write term nowadays. I was amazed by how many seem to have achieved peace and balance in their lives. I seem to never get there. Idle moments are restless. If I screw off most of the day and only do what screams out to be done somehow I feel guilty. I feel guilty for the numerous hours I’ve “wasted” searching for enlightenment here on the internet. The more I learn the more I need to know. I’m over fifty and it amazes me how many younger people seem to have more knowledge and their act together far better than I do. Sure I screwed off in school but that was because everything progressed so slow that most of the time I was waiting for other classmates to get it so we could move on. By graduation I was only doing enough to get a passing grade and spending the rest of my time either making money or spending it. Never at the same speed.

I remember as a young man asking why a lot. I still do. Every answer then and every answer since has only led to more questions. By 22 I’d decided that the answer to the question always began with “because”. Trying to algebraically reduce the problem down to it’s basest terms I came up with “Why is cause”. Removing the punctuation, “Why? Because,” became Why because. Reducing be+cause [be being part of the be group (is, are was, were, be, am)] gives us is+cause, using the third person singular, present indicative of be. That’s if I read my dictionary right. So “Cause is why!” became my rallying cry. The more I know the more it keeps coming back to cause is why. Simple math. Solved.