Sore Beans

At least they make me sore. They make my equipment sore. Not to mention the soil according to ISU research. Along with my own observations over the last thirty years. I wasn’t searching I simply observed. In a mono culture farm field they do the earth no good. China’s revenge. Tofu you, Yank. They got revenge ahead of time for what the west would do in the 19th and 20th centuries. The long game. Play exquisite.

The sore beans are planted. Sort of. What few acres of ’em I still plant. All buried except for the last maybe ten acres where they are (were) building terraces. When they’re done I’ll be done soon thereafter. It’s rained the last three nights. Sort of. Two tenths the first, one tenth the second, and nearly five tenths last night. The forecasters are calling for a week of rain. At this rate we’ll take a week to get an inch. Monsooner or later?

The grass is about to pollinate. First blue. Then brome, rye, wheat, and oats in their turn. Closely followed by the corn and beans. Sad really, to see the season move so fast. The longest days will soon be upon us then it’s back to shrinking light and growing night. Shivers me timbres just to think about it. So I won’t. I’ll think of all the things to do before then. Makes me sweat just thinking about ’em.

Then, there.