Ship Away


Julian Assange was speaking of the overwhelming power of the media and one of the points he brought up was how we can dissipate that power by enlarging the media frame. Maybe I’ll find that clip and play it for you.  I think what he was alluding to was that the average Joe would watch something other than the $#!t pumped out by the dead-stream media if given the choice. Maybe something a little more life enhancing if you will. Something positive. Encouraging even. Not the psycho babble Pavlovian conditioning that these so called educated, obviously overpaid twits decide they’re going to flicker out to the zombioid nations. Something intelligent for a change instead of the debasement provided.

Not that that type of “media”needs to go away. I’m sure it appeals to the ones degenerate enough to buy the trinkets from the advertisers on the dead stream media. Mostly drugs and alcohol of late. But I’m sure political ads will be back around soon, isn’t it campaign season? Oh, that’s right. Billy Bob declared way back in his White House days that now we have an endless campaign. War without end. If you believe those crackers. Crackers in that they are cracked not in that they are white salteens. I apologize for the possible racial slur, that’s not what this is about. Let me rephrase that. If you believe those mediators. If not maybe it’s time to look for another choice.

Enlarge the media frame. I like that. That’s what I do in my own way. I enlarge the media frame. Maybe not by much. Maybe not in the direction others would want. Maybe not even in the direction I want. Or think I’m headed in. But hey, at least I’m trying.