It seems like we are locked in to the new format. I’m not too happy with it but, what can I do?  I’m a man but, I can change, if I have to, I guess. It is pretty blue instead of the old black and white. But I like things black and white. That way the shades of grey can be any color I imagine. In living color we have no choice, we see things not in shades of grey but in distinct vibrations of color. Leaving no doubt as to what color the non black and white shades are. One consolation for living color, when you observe black and white there, it’s truly black and truly white. As if the other colors prove it.

WordPress has been a wonderful place to learn to blog. I was initially introduced to it by my old cyber friend Rock, aka Fat Lester, a fellow traveler on board the mighty ship Universally Sanctified Site Mixx. Aka USS Mixx. A social networking site launched back in 2007 that excepted a gang of ex Digger’s and let them run with it. I myself came over to Mixx from Digg after getting my @$$ handed to me in the comments section when I was dumb enough to pipe up on politics. Some gardian angel suggested I try the new and much more friendly site Mixx instead of the meat grinder Digg was. Mixx is now long gone. I still have my place on Digg as well as Reddit and maybe a couple more I’ve forgot. Once in a blue moon I’ll visit Reddit but I never go to Digg anymore.

Anyway back to Rock. He and I had become cyber friends and though we still haven’t had a face to face meetup I consider us real friends, along with Violet Planet from the same time and cyber space. Rock was the one that suggested I start a Blog and knowing much more about the internet than I he set me up with the original “CoCreator’s Blog-The Official Blog of Cocreator Ten” back in ……. gosh, I don’t know. I had a good run on his site, you see he gave me the web domain from a domain business he was running, he set up the account with WordPress and gave me the password to get into it’s admin on WordPress, and he paid for everything, for a few years. (Bless you, Rock)

I would still be on the original site had I taken the bull by the horns and finished taking over all the responsibilities of the creation but as I heard no squeaking wheels I never went for the elbow grease and grabbed them horns. As fate would have it the site came up for renewal and Rock wasn’t aware that it was in a tranche of sites he was terminating. Some lawyer scooped up the domain name and the rest is history as they say. A year went by and I could stand it no longer. Cocreator’s New Blog was born. Here on WordPress. With me handling the horns. The old horn dog that I am. Then I was locked out using my usual automatic log in. Here we go again I thought. I had tried everything, I was near panic. I was about to copy this site and paste it onto another new one. Then I spaced it off for a week.

I’ve rediscovered my password. That was scary. I can’t get into my old Gmail account but have set up a new one.

You truly don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

I didn’t want to have to start yet another site.

It’s good to have my admin back.

See ya then, see ya there.




Cool was back in the news the last little while. That’s Country Of Origin Labeling not the temperatures. (Though temps are starting to straiten out after a month of February in November. We went directly from summer into winter. No fall.) It sounds like Mexico and Canada are pissed because America is going to tell their consumers where the meat comes from. Canada and Mexico don’t want anybody to know that their eating meat from those two countries. It makes me wonder what’s wrong with their meat to make them want to hide amongst our meat to get it sold. They want a ransom if we label.

Then there’s Monsanto. They don’t seem to want anybody to know their eating Monsanto’s products. Making everyone wonder what’s wrong with what they’re peddling. Why spend millions fighting label laws so you can hide your products amongst non GMO products. If the corporations get their way and get the TPP and other similar trade deals rammed through consumers will have to pay the corpses for lost sales revenue should they try to differentiate products on the shelves. A kind of “Let us sell it or else!” ransom that’s sure to please the dead bastards.

If we are smart we will label away and pay the damned ransoms. Maybe we could hide the ransom in gun sales and laundered drug sales like we did back in the eighties when we busy “not negotiating” with the Arabian terrorists and “not funding” the Contras of central America. We would consider it a knowledge fee. A truth tariff. A lot cheaper in the long run instead of waiting for the medical costs to show up after destroying our health. A stitch in time. For a change. Label me, label you.

You can label me Cocreator Ten.

Amongst other things.



Know Sweat

Five days since I made a post. Twelve loads of corn and twenty two big bales of hay hauled ago. And the corn was vacuumed out of three metal grain bins that stand alone and three wooden grain bins in an old converted corn crib. That means every two loads I had to get in and sweep the floor with what can only be called a giant cushion type fitting that goes on the end of the vacuum’s suction hose. It has a “t” handle to manipulate it with and two wheels to roll along on the floor during those few occasions when you move it straight forward and back. Most of the time you’re simply man handling it around the floor, working back and forth along the leading edge of the diminishing corn pile. It’s what I call a full wet shirt job. After I’m done I’m always soaked from the waist up.

Which brings up the new hair cut. The second one in as many months. I hope this mini ice age picks back up like last year or I may have to get a third haircut this summer. I may even shave, who knows. I like a good sweat as much as the next workaholic but two to three times a day is getting a little ridiculous. But I hope this all explains the sudden drop in posting frequency. I’d hate to lose my readership over working too much elsewhere. All things in moderation they say. Last July I lost the whole damn blog because I was out of town on a twenty fifth wedding anniversary trip to Colorado. It was accidental but I lost it just the same. I should have been paying more attention. Now CoCreator’s Blog’s been hijacked by someone else. I still claim all the content posted on it back when that title and the url cocreator’ was under my control. Along with Cocreator’s New Blog.

Speaking of mini ice ages next week we are suppose to be setting record cold temperature lows around the middle of the lower forty eight. This after one of the wettest springs on record for the area. Summer’s off to a pretty wet start also. The wet spots are wetter than normal, bigger than normal and staying wet longer than normal. There are new wet spots on hillsides where I’ve never seen them before. There are a lot of drowned out beans that will never come back. So the seventy some percent of the crops that are good to excellent are maybe all there are. Seventy five percent is the level of coverage most producers pick to buy when it comes to crop insurance protection. Something tells me those insurance underwriters know how to make money. Guarantee them what they’ll grow and charge a pretty penny to do it. Where else can they make money when interest is nonexistent.

Which at three dollar corn thank God. Talk about sweat! It’s that time. Those bank operating notes may need to be re-written. Along with the land leases. Along with the seed and fertilizer. Along with most anything we farmers buy. If a rising tide lifts all boats what happens when the tsunami flows back out? Talk about undertow! Either way, enjoy the ride. Savor the sweat.

See ya then, see ya there.




Today I tried to find Cocreator’s New Blog by searching for The Stay At Gone Mom on Duck Duck Go and eventually had to give up scrolling when the site ran out of scroll to search. No one else seems to be using the phrase so I guess it’s still mine. They suggested trying a lot of other maybe more popular search engines like Yahoo and Google to continue searching. I hit Google and after ten to twelve pages I gave up clicking on new ones. I tried again using a few other of my recurring tag words and had no positive result. Even after I linked it in the search to Cocreator’s New Blog. I retyped only Cocreator’s  New Blog and it popped right out at number one. Beings as it was my first try on Google that surprised me. Right there on top. Already with the tag “Cocreator Ten” attached. How could that be? Had I already been Googled?

Pasture’s have been sprayed. With liquid nitrogen and brush control. Thistle control, etc. If it rains tomorrow like the weathermen er, a, weather forecasters have predictated then the nitrogen will be washed off the grass and into the root zone. As it should be. Of course it always could go around us. It wouldn’t be the first time. It damn sure wouldn’t be the last. If Buffet’s yard didn’t need the rain the Omaha/Council Bluffs area would never get a rain. Good thing ol scrooge is too tight to water his lawn.

Take what we can get when we can get it I guess. We’ll have to take what we can get. That’s the way it goes with reign.




It wouldn’t be CoCreator’s Blog without The Stay At Gone Mom. Well I guess it’s not CoCreator’s Blog anymore. Now it’s Cocreator’s New Blog. New and improved as the pitch goes. I like the fact that Spell Check still flags Cocreator just like it did CoCreator. I know that’s besdide the point but that’s the way I write. If this is writing. Whatever it is it keeps me out of trouble. But to have some familiarity while I write is nice. There were certain occurrences I had grown accustomed to and having Cocreator (CoCreator) flagged is one of them.

Another one is having the mom stay gone.
In case you’re new here too I christened her The Stay At Gone Mom (and copyrighted the phrase) when she announced as she closed her beauty shop/exercise gym/tanning salon/massage therapist/nail salon that she was coming home  to re become a stay at home mom. Well not immediately, only after it had become apparent. I used to love the fact that if I Googled “The Stay At Gone Mom” CoCreator’s Blog would pop up on the results page. That hasn’t happened since I was booted out of CoCreator’s Blog. The search results have had no actual The Stay At Gone Mom in them. So it’s still my phrase. I look forward to the day it reappears with Cocreator’s New Blog connected. Sort of.

Even though it’s a new blog this line of posts is getting pretty long already. This is maybe number ten. Cocreator Ten’s ten new posts. When I was sipping tea enjoying the view and the stay at gone mom (I’m not always going to capitalize it) rolled by in the minivan on her way out I had inspiration for another post. I can’t complain, she’s taking one of the brood to a volleyball tournament. Right along with all the other stay at gone moms and dads. At least I don’t have to. Any more I’d as soon never leave the farm. Unless to get to another one of the farms. The five farms of Cocreator Ten. There’s some room to run. Free. No? At least at the going rate of rent.

I’m staying at home to work if I ever get done playing on the new blog. But staying at home is my default position. Maybe it only comes with age. Maybe it’s a learned behavior. If kids really need this “extra curricular activity” is a debate for another day, I contend they get more than enough “extra curricular activity” already just going to school. The one I home schooled sure seemed to need less time to cover the curriculum at home than in school. He would burn through the schoolwork to get outside. I think all kids will/do. For their own good. They need more unstructured time to let their imaginations soar. Get outside and roam. Explore. Especially out here in the great uncrowded fly over country where there’s room. Get outside and work.

See you then, see you there.