Monsoon Or

Later. That’s the answer to the earlier question, “Monsooner or later?” on the Sore Beans edition here on CoCreator’s Blog. Oops, I mean Cocreator’s New Blog. We’ve had so much rain here in western Iowa over the last few months that it’s hard to believe it. In my thirty three years of growing corn and beans I never have seen two back to back months of perfect rain. Our second grass cutting of hay was as good as the first. Even the foxtail was lush and full.

We have to be cautious where we drive, the wet spots are out there. The ones that haven’t been drained with drainage tile that is. The ones that are going to be are easy to find if the rest of the soil ever gets a chance to dry out. It’s been like living inside a center pivot irrigation crop circle. The rains have been that regular and soaking. The corn was filled out to the tip with nice big ears. I can’t wait to get started in the sorebeans tomorrow.

I don’t know what got into me today. Two posts after a two month hiatus. It must be harvest. I enjoy looking back at these posts after few months or longer. Especially starts and stops. Like reading Sore Beans today after I posted today’s other episode. That post was about getting done planting back in May. Where did the summer go? I’ll never know, I didn’t post it.

See ya then, see ya there …….



Tare Out

The invasive species. Mulberries. China can have em back. Along with their elms. I hate to sound sexist but every female mulberry tree on the farm is cut as of this evening. It was a long haul. Probably a longer haul than this new blog has been. I may have started cutting tares during the time I was writing on the old blog. The birds were spreading them faster than I could keep up. But I think I’ve caught up. I saved a couple males. They don’t spread. Anything but pollen. I’m glad I got to them before they got too big. Like these guys …….




It seems like we are locked in to the new format. I’m not too happy with it but, what can I do?  I’m a man but, I can change, if I have to, I guess. It is pretty blue instead of the old black and white. But I like things black and white. That way the shades of grey can be any color I imagine. In living color we have no choice, we see things not in shades of grey but in distinct vibrations of color. Leaving no doubt as to what color the non black and white shades are. One consolation for living color, when you observe black and white there, it’s truly black and truly white. As if the other colors prove it.

WordPress has been a wonderful place to learn to blog. I was initially introduced to it by my old cyber friend Rock, aka Fat Lester, a fellow traveler on board the mighty ship Universally Sanctified Site Mixx. Aka USS Mixx. A social networking site launched back in 2007 that excepted a gang of ex Digger’s and let them run with it. I myself came over to Mixx from Digg after getting my @$$ handed to me in the comments section when I was dumb enough to pipe up on politics. Some gardian angel suggested I try the new and much more friendly site Mixx instead of the meat grinder Digg was. Mixx is now long gone. I still have my place on Digg as well as Reddit and maybe a couple more I’ve forgot. Once in a blue moon I’ll visit Reddit but I never go to Digg anymore.

Anyway back to Rock. He and I had become cyber friends and though we still haven’t had a face to face meetup I consider us real friends, along with Violet Planet from the same time and cyber space. Rock was the one that suggested I start a Blog and knowing much more about the internet than I he set me up with the original “CoCreator’s Blog-The Official Blog of Cocreator Ten” back in ……. gosh, I don’t know. I had a good run on his site, you see he gave me the web domain from a domain business he was running, he set up the account with WordPress and gave me the password to get into it’s admin on WordPress, and he paid for everything, for a few years. (Bless you, Rock)

I would still be on the original site had I taken the bull by the horns and finished taking over all the responsibilities of the creation but as I heard no squeaking wheels I never went for the elbow grease and grabbed them horns. As fate would have it the site came up for renewal and Rock wasn’t aware that it was in a tranche of sites he was terminating. Some lawyer scooped up the domain name and the rest is history as they say. A year went by and I could stand it no longer. Cocreator’s New Blog was born. Here on WordPress. With me handling the horns. The old horn dog that I am. Then I was locked out using my usual automatic log in. Here we go again I thought. I had tried everything, I was near panic. I was about to copy this site and paste it onto another new one. Then I spaced it off for a week.

I’ve rediscovered my password. That was scary. I can’t get into my old Gmail account but have set up a new one.

You truly don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

I didn’t want to have to start yet another site.

It’s good to have my admin back.

See ya then, see ya there.



Still White

……. And the seven breakdowns.

Cold. White and still. For a moment. Then the north winds kick in with a vengeance. I tried to put back on the farmer cap yesterday and did, for a moment. Sunday after splitting some wood and making that last post I tore into the old 1440 I’m using for parts. It was cold but things worked out nice and by sunset I was down to the unloading auger’s up and down tube just below the elbow. I had the elbow off but the gearbox bolted to the inside of the elbow was still attached to the lower auger shaft with a pin and a cotter key. It was getting too dark and I was getting too cold so I started in on the project first thing Monday morning.

By noon I had it completely off and ready to take along north to put on the 1460. By sundown again I was listening to the engine block heater sizzle on the 1440 I’d bought and used to combine everything last year. I’d flipped a coin on which one to take up north to pick the 178 acres of corn north of town. I guess it landed on edge because now both machines are parked up north of I-80 next to the bins. When I removed the little cover plate (too little) on the horizontal tube behind the elbow on the 1460’s unloading auger it had a bolt and pair of nuts instead of the original pins with cotter key. Unlike the 1440’s bolt and one lock nut that came out easy the 1460’s first nut came off easy but the second was getting harder to turn with each new bite with the wrench. Each bite of a twelve side boxed end wrench.

Half way off about a half hour later I gave up. I headed home to get the other better combine.  The 1460 has a beater going bad, the fan needs rebuilt, it could use a new rotor and cage out of the burn victim. It’s three way gearbox is starting to leak, unless it always has and the last guy had replaced the original hydraulic oil with heavy gear oil. It seems the more hydraulic oil I add the faster it leaks. The thinner it looks on the dipstick too. The unloading augers already had a bearing out of one of the under tanks cross augers before this elbow ring thing. The feeder house needs to come off the 1440 parts combine for the 1460. All things I had listed two years go on my Original CoCreator’s Blog but never got around to doing after buying the new 1440. Why that coin was even in the air to begin with is beyond me.

Oh yea. It’s because at the end of beaning I thought the 1440 acted like it was losing power. And last night in the dark when it couldn’t pull itself up hill with the separator running too I remembered why I’d taken the 1460 north. So in the dark I almost disassembled the electric fuel pump from the 1440 parts combine to put on the 1440 dream machine. I had taken all the necessary bolts out and only had left the fuel lines to be cracked open and removed. It was a completely different kind of pump than the one already on the dream machine so it was going to require taking along a couple of rigid fuel lines too. I had checked the pump with the jumper cables to make sure it ran before I’d started removing it by pickup headlights.

By noon today I was back running at full power. But when I went to start the auger tractor that had been plugged in all night AFTER a cold start on the dream machine (it was under twenty and very windy) the 4-e-h batteries were stone dead. Not frozen but stone dead.Two new ones and the starter purred like a kitten. I finally got a few wagons of corn combined today. Maybe four. I humped the hoppers over the snowy hill with the 1440. When I quit in the dark the one wagon sitting over the swing hopper for the bin loading auger was full along with the hopper on the ’40. By the time I run them up the auger on the bin the bin will be full. One down one to go. I finished the corn east of the creek ditch. Tomorrow I’ll start on the patch west and north of the ditch. I’ll start on that other bin too after moving the auger.

The fun never ends …….