Corn Run

Spring forth …….

Two farms planted to corn. I should say I’m done planting the corn on two of the five farms. Those two farms have other crops on them but the corn on them is planted. Maybe I’ve already said that. Sort of. The next two farms I plant are going to be all corn. Corn on corn. If everything works the way I planned. On Sunday I tried out the new used planter. New to me. Used and abused otherwise.

I bought it for a song but it needed some tender loving care. It’s a White brand twelve row thirty inch vertical fold planter. Twice as wide as the old six thirty JD 7000 Conservation. Twice as many parts to wear out. Twice the acres to wear them, though. I added some Dawn Coulter / Trashwheels™ but left the trash wheels in the shed. Used, the combo sets cost as much as the planter.

The wind’s drying off the showers so I’d better rock n roll.

Then, there …….



Jyou Lie Morning (If Jyour A Calender)

I had to bring up growing degrees. Then I went and dove into the data. There doesn’t seem to be a huge correlation. Not only that I may be off a year according to the data. Never Summer may have come in ’93 instead of what I said, ’94. There was a lower national average growing degree  accumulation in ’93 than normal and ’94 looks normal. Either way I’ve been cold more than hot the whole month of July. Which seems odd since if I read the chart right Omaha @ Epply Airport was running ahead of normal as of July 22, 2014 in it’s accumulation of growing degrees for the year. It sure hasn’t felt that way. We have shut off the air on a lot of days this year. I was warming myself on a small lawn rubbish fire outside this very morning because the temp was only 60 degrees. The grass was so cold on my bare feet in the yard that they were getting numb. And not comfortably numb either.

That little fire I made out of sticks and bark and general lawn rubbish like dead weeds and tree leaves was hot enough long enough to not only warm me but cook my pancakes as well. I used the all metal wheel barrow to hold up the griddle. I set the wheel barrow so that one of the metal handles hung out over the heat column. I then teetered the griddle on the three points that were the handle over the flame and the bulkhead of the barrow that ran along side. I kept the cooking paraphernalia inside the metal barrow away from the side near the fire. Alongside the side near the fire I kept the plate the flapjacks ended up on along with an upside down plate lid as both were warmed by the barrow transferring it’s heat. The pancakes themselves weren’t free but the fuel for the fire basically was. All I’d invested in the fuel was the energy to gather and pyramid it up to burn.

Somehow it was quite a satisfying meal.