Corn Run

Spring forth …….

Two farms planted to corn. I should say I’m done planting the corn on two of the five farms. Those two farms have other crops on them but the corn on them is planted. Maybe I’ve already said that. Sort of. The next two farms I plant are going to be all corn. Corn on corn. If everything works the way I planned. On Sunday I tried out the new used planter. New to me. Used and abused otherwise.

I bought it for a song but it needed some tender loving care. It’s a White brand twelve row thirty inch vertical fold planter. Twice as wide as the old six thirty JD 7000 Conservation. Twice as many parts to wear out. Twice the acres to wear them, though. I added some Dawn Coulter / Trashwheels™ but left the trash wheels in the shed. Used, the combo sets cost as much as the planter.

The wind’s drying off the showers so I’d better rock n roll.

Then, there …….



The Gales Of Novembre’

The gales of November came early. And the corn blew down. What wasn’t already blown down. Back when I was a kid there were many years the corn stood out there all winter damn near and never blew over. The tops would be blown off after the corn bore had hollowed out the upper stalk. But the bottom stem up to the ear would stand fast. Now they have genetically manipulated the seed to produce a toxic fungus that kills the pests. So the whole plant stays intact. So the wind has a lever. So the corn levers over. Progress, they say.

The gales of November had a tornado embedded. The whole pleasure train came complete with a snowstorm caboose. Nice little way to top off a disaster. Burn you with a tornado then freeze you out with a blizzard. At the height of the blowing snow I got a call from the stay at gone mom to come get her. She was done cutting hair and ready to be picked up. I had her van because my pickup was up on a jack while the tire was replaced. With none left in stock they had to order one. Nothing like driving in a snowstorm to make you a stay at home person.

That was all forty acres or so ago. Today we had a half inch rain overnight and breezy mists all day. Not very conducive to picking downed corn. But I dumped the six wagons I stayed up till 10:30 last night picking. It takes longer in downed corn. But it’s a chance to sell some dirt. At corn prices. Rooting around in the downed corn with the corn snoots on the corn head causes some of the tangled tops (still attached thanks to genetic engineering) to go in upside down one row over and it yanks the whole plant out roots and all. Some of the dirt from the root balls gets knocked off into the corn. Progress(ively worse)!

So the landlord gets to keep some of my corn. I get to sell some of his land. Not by the acre, not by the square foot, by the bushel. Fair trade. FM? In this case the foreign material is free mud. Complete with fertilizer and good humus. I try to take good care of my soils. Trust me, it’s worth more than the $3.40 per bushel the corn is bringing. But then so is the corn. I have over $4.00 wrapped up in it as I speak. Plus interest.


My harvest song for the rest of the run.

Where the downed corn grows …….



To Plant. Or should I say two planted. Two farms down two to go on this corn run. I started planting corn on the west farm last evening. I finished up tonight in the dark. The only breakdowns were a packer wheel spring last evening even before I started and a flat front tire on the 1466 tonight as I was nearly done and it was nearly dark. Fortunately I had a spare here at home so It was a quick fix. I still needed headlights to finish planting the field. Two for two there.

The landlord/neighbor stopped to get some corn today. He saw we had been hauling out corn with the vacuum. He didn’t know the vacuum needed welded. His grown son was around though and he’s an iron worker so that was a win win situation. They fixed the auger tube on the vacuum and loaded their three hundred bushel wagon afterwords. I only had to stop planting twice to talk to them for a bit. Relatively painless. So I suppose two for two there.

Today the stay at gone mom brought me out some food and drink. Not only once, twice! I don’t think I dozed off all day. It’s amazing what a difference vittles make. I made er fifteen hours today. Counting the breakdowns. The couple sandwich breaks and the thermos of hot tea made for a spoiled rotten day. Egg and cheese sandwiches on toast with hot tea for brunch and  a Philly steak with french fries and a pop for supper. Two for three there? Cheap!

‘Could be a Trick.

To sleep.