The Dunlap Run

Done the Dunlap run. I thought they would never head back down through the barnyards. The cows were on the upper pasture above the lane when I decided to set up the trap. Well, close the downhill side gate on the barnyards. A really simple trap. But then cows are really simple people. Keep em fed and don’t take out too many at a time so as to scare them and they are a pretty contented bunch. Hardly ever a stampede. That either takes a spook or a brook on a hot summer’s day. Or me calling the girls to new pasture. Or good leafy alfalfa hay.

When I had them in the yards I realized there was no longer a cow in heat. I guess I should have done it yesterday when they were riding. The fact nothing had been allowed to eat the weeds and grass in the catch pen lured in all that would fit. I didn’t need the alfalfa. It wasn’t hard sorting out the six bulls I had in the pen. I had more trouble keeping the sorted ones from coming back in than I did keeping the ones in that I wanted sold. Every cow in the herd wanted those tall green groceries. We were loaded and roaded before I knew it.

Up at the Dunlap Livestock Auction I had two pickups with livestock trailers ahead of me in line to unload. The trip was pleasantly uneventful. I gave the gal working the unloading chute the information about the bulls and we were unloaded and reroaded in no time. On the way home, as I rolled through Minden, I thought I heard a strange squeaking when I went around corners. I had been driving with the rear sliding window open all throughout the trip. Listening for any such type of weird sounds that may mean wheel trouble on the old Rawhide livestock trailer.

After parking the rig at home I went around checking the tires and rims for heat. The tires were a little warm on the insides of the rear two treads. The rims were all cool except for the front right one. It was very hot on the hubcap and quite warm on the rest of the rim. I guess I know which wheel bearings to grease in the morning. After Dad’s Mass. I told Mom I would attend the Mass she’s having said for him. We all need all the prayers we can muster up. Feel free to offer up your own. I’m sure no one will mind. Well, maybe Satan. But he knows where he can go.

Sea (to shining) sea …….