Easter. Easter is on my mind because it is Easter. Our redeemer lives. Up and at ’em. It really doesn’t get any better. If you’re a Christian, and you haven’t used that name in vain, this is the day that’s saved your life. Your eternal life. For though death is temporal, life is eternal. Since there’s nothing beyond it. Like space itself. Space itself is the ultimate clue. Space is eternal by necessity. It has no end because it can have no end. What would be beyond space if space had an end? It may be empty but it can have no end.

Life’s vibrations form an ever expanding sphere travelling outward through that endles space endlessly. The same way radio waves emanate spherically outward endlessly. Only possibly faster. Possibly many, many times faster. Thought may travel at a speed that would seem, to us mere mortals in our current condition, to be instantaneous across the Milky Way Galaxy. Faster than a speeding electron, faster than a radio wave, faster than light. Much, much faster. The speed of Spirit, wholly entwined throughout the Universe.

Miraculous? Maybe not. Possibly explainable. Given the proper frame of mind. For with God all things are possible. It says so in The Good Book. If you check it. If it is indeed possible then it is more than likely explainable. But even if one cannot get one’s head around it one shouldn’t give up all hope. Have faith. Faith is almost free. It requires effort but what in this world doesn’t? Even sleep requires some effort. Have faith for blessed are those who have faith. We can’t all plunge a finger into Jesus’s wounds.

As He told many, “Your faith has healed you.” According to The Good Book that is the truth. And……. Like The Book says, “The Truth will set you free.”

I am a Truther.

Then, there.