Fake News

Like there was ever any other kind. Nothing new under the sun. (‘day funnies)

Day one. Of many to come. Hopefully. After eight long weary years. We only got one week end off. Alabama checked out last Friday and Russia, I mean Putin, I mean Dijon takes over this morning. In between ……. freedom!!! I still say they should hold the peaceful change on a leap year and have it on Feb. 29 and make that day on a weekend so we get three days off and …….

March On Washington if we don’t get our wayyyyyyy. Light a trash can on fire and watch six to ten cameras surround it documenting America’s Color Revolution. Looking for something real.

Content Now Needed!?!

Certainly Not News – Because it’s propaganda!

Basic Bull Crap – Because it is!

Pile ‘o’ Bull Shi(r)t – Because this site is (fairly) family friendly.

All Bull Crap – Because. (Watch)

Crock (of) Bull Shi(r)t – Because ……. see Shi(r)t above.

Nothing But Crap – Because, like above, it all is.

Any Three Letters (together) – Because any more than one IS a cluster fuck.

And therein lies the rub. It’s us individuals against them in the pack. The risks one takes. Well worth taking. I’m forever for the lone wolf – Because that dog don’t hunt …… in a pack. I’ll still have a chance. Otherwise I’ll need an equalizer. That is how the weapon was born. To bring back equilibrium. Temporarily.





Happy New Year.

No snow, no problem. How are we so fortunate? There’s nothing better for no till farming than a good deep fracturing frost in the soil. Frack that seedbed! With no insulating snow the ground freezes deeper than it otherwise would. We have had some rain that helps crack the compaction up. Freezing water expands. That tends to mitigate the machinery traveling across the soil to plant, fertilize/spray and harvest. Hauling off the harvest being the heaviest trek. Think spring and mellow soils.

I hope your new year is going as well. The highest consumer confidence in 15 years seems to say it is. Getting rid of the war mongers may have something to do with it. Acknowledging the death of the mainstream media and their fake news can’t hurt. Unless you’re unlucky enough to be among the 30% of the population that supposedly still believes the propaganda. I can’t find evidence that the 30% exist. Fake news? More than likely, they have jobs to protect. It’s probably closer to the 6% that still approve of Congress.

That’s my new year’s rant. As far as a new year’s resolution? I don’t believe in any of that foolishness. I may try to post a little more often but that started a month ago. However, there’s a difference between trying and doing.

Doing a good bye now …….