All I have to do is fall over it. Just in time for Fall’s about to end. This is a just in time world. I have enough shelled corn on wagons, six of mine and two I borrowed for the last day to get done, to fill Dad’s old wooden corn crib. I know because we filled it twice when me and younger brother started farming back in ’84-’85.

Now we only filled the sheds but I have enough sitting to fill the middle as well. It’s close to the road where we’re loading semis. If I had to I could maybe vacuum it all to the road though that shouldn’t be necessary. The weather is suppose to be nice enough to maneuver them up to the auger hanging over the ditch to the road.

Over all not a bad year. The extra from down south will maybe cover the shortfall up north where we got no rain in July. They can tout their high price hybrids all they want. The rain is what makes the difference in yield. And they’re not putting rain in that seed bag.

Then, there.