Sorry for the absolute briefness of my last couple transmissions.

When I come up for air I only have time to inhale. I have been busy swimming through a sea of corn. Five hundred acres to be exact. Well four hundred seventy so far to be even more precise. I still have thirty more acres to go but the rain has shut me out of the field this morning. It gave a gallant try starting before daybreak but the mid morning’s break in the showers afforded me the opportunity to sneak out and bring the last two semi loads from across the creek to the curb for easy removal.

Now, Last Field! I have already done half of it. Back in September when I began this adventure we like to call harvest. Hardest is more like it. Harvest is the hardest part of farming. Maybe not the most critical as for timing but it can be. On a good year with a large yield we have lots more work to do for no more (and sometimes less) money. Hardest but the most gratifying. Hauling in so much per acre. “Call the truck I’m already full!” the advertisement for Pioneer Hybrids used to say. Indeed. In deed.

Afloat. I’m swimming in a sea of debt but my sea of corn may be ransom enough. Ransom to free my name. That funny thing they want all the time to give you things they have that they want to loan to you. Whenever I borrow equipment from a neighbor I always seem to end up breaking it and buying two of whatever the borrowed item is before I own one. I buy one to give back to the gent that I borrowed it from and one to finish the job I’d borrowed it for. I think a mortgage works the same way.

All backstroking to the same tune. In this parade of parodies.



Squeaking Wheel

Where to start. Everything’s squeaking. Got Grease?

First thing this morning the older brother called. He had a welder guy showing up to fix up the auger on the vacuum. I know the landlord’s son fixed it last weekend. This guy is going to add a strap of metal around the tube to reenforce it. Last night as the rain brought the day to a close the tile line layers showed up to park their machinery down in the neighbor/landlord’s gate. They’re laying tile as I write. I’m writing this as I wait for the welder guy to call after dinner this fine May morning. Morning for two more minutes anyway. Unless you run off the sun like I do. Then it’s morning for another hour. Sorry, you can’t save daylight. Nice try though.

I ran up north of town to move the tractor and planter from on the field to on the headland so the CO-OP boys can float on the liquid nitrogen and weed killer. Weed and feed they call it. One pass plus I call it. We use a little atrazine along with a product called Corvus to keep the weeds down. We use liquid nitrogen 28% solution instead of the normal water to “carry” the chemicals out through the spray boom to be applied at the same time. When I say we I mean the CO-OP and I. I pay for it, they sell it and apply it. Oui?

Well that’s about it for now. The welder guy hasn’t called but I still gotta go measure the auger tube so when he does I can confirm the size of the rolled steel he has to bring. Good fortune be yours on all you’re going to do. Pray for rain. We still need it. Two days of rain and we still haven’t an inch. Not far south they’ve had none. Planters are still rolling down Treynor way and points on south. And around here we’re tiling and spraying . When I moved the planter I was thinking I’ve gone ahead and planted in soil this wet before. It more or less depends on the calender. That says it’s still early. Seven acres won’t make or break me. A little more rain may come in handy later on. Say in July or August?

I better get back to the grease.

Later on …….