G Rain

I took the leftover soybean frankenseed back to Monsatan yesterday. Or should I say their agents. They can have back what didn’t get safely buried. I wouldn’t want the liability of having the feared seed around. Plus with every other acre losing money this year on soybeans (which is better than every acre like corn) I can’t afford the money I have to spend let alone any extra. We made it by with little to no real repair expense for the planting season. If I play my cards right I should be able to repeat that performance again for the harvest. For the second harvest in a row.

I drug out the ladders and went after some of the branches growing up against the house this morning. I plan to spend the most part of the next month cutting trees and finishing tearing out fences. I still have a mile of re-bar posted smooth galvanized hot wire fences that gotta go. Maybe another mile of barbed wire fence also needing to be gone. I have young wild trees to cut about everywhere. They would take over entirely as a forest if left to themselves to dictate. I think sans man Iowa would be in one of it’s forested periods about now. Rain makes more than just grain. It makes wood grain too.

It’s not that lack of rain can’t make grain. It just doesn’t make as much as rain falling can. What lack of rain can make is it easier to find a grain of sand. Ask California. I’d say ask Texas but it seems they’ve gone to the other extreme now. Their grains of sand will be building berms and bars along the now flooded waterways. A grain not made by rain but a grain highly manipulated by rain. Or the lack there of. For us here in southwestern Iowa it’s been far from lack of rain. More like prescription rains. We couldn’t do better if we had irrigation. At least so far. Maybe we can have a grain of good fortune for a change.