I’m not waiting on a girl, I’m just waiting on a truck. Last night at sunset I was finishing up filling the wagons. I filled the combine too.  After loading out the two semi loads of corn Monday I hooked up the no till drill and ran off a quick six bags of winter rye seed. I planted about six acres. My first fall seeded crop ever. After thirty one years I guess we’ll try teaching this old dog a new trick. Last year I tried flying on a rye grass cover crop but it didn’t really work. My six acres will be for seed next fall. I think I’ll try cover crops on more of my acres to see if I can both stop erosion and build more organic matter in the soil. It’s the next step after twenty seven years of no till.

Yesterday I started the day off rolling up the rest of the old barbed wire along the old ridge road up north of I-80. I have about another quarter mile to do along York road and then the fence builders can have at it. When the dew had dried off and the sun had shown a while I switched from fencing to combining. The corn is yielding well and it didn’t take long to refill the seven wagons and the combine hopper. More than enough to fill two trucks with corn, even with Iowa’s eight thousand pound bump in allowable truck weights for the harvest season.

Hold on a second while I load a semi …….

……. and combine the wagons back full. And get done with the farm at home. Now that It’s 4:20 in the afternoon I can grab a snack, finish this post and get some hot wire fencing done to turn the cows out on the freshly combined cornstalks. Watching them glean will be a nice way to observe the sundown. Picture postcard perfect to be exact. This is Iowa. A lot of places try to be but there’s no place like it. Wish I had more time.

there, then