Know Sweat

Five days since I made a post. Twelve loads of corn and twenty two big bales of hay hauled ago. And the corn was vacuumed out of three metal grain bins that stand alone and three wooden grain bins in an old converted corn crib. That means every two loads I had to get in and sweep the floor with what can only be called a giant cushion type fitting that goes on the end of the vacuum’s suction hose. It has a “t” handle to manipulate it with and two wheels to roll along on the floor during those few occasions when you move it straight forward and back. Most of the time you’re simply man handling it around the floor, working back and forth along the leading edge of the diminishing corn pile. It’s what I call a full wet shirt job. After I’m done I’m always soaked from the waist up.

Which brings up the new hair cut. The second one in as many months. I hope this mini ice age picks back up like last year or I may have to get a third haircut this summer. I may even shave, who knows. I like a good sweat as much as the next workaholic but two to three times a day is getting a little ridiculous. But I hope this all explains the sudden drop in posting frequency. I’d hate to lose my readership over working too much elsewhere. All things in moderation they say. Last July I lost the whole damn blog because I was out of town on a twenty fifth wedding anniversary trip to Colorado. It was accidental but I lost it just the same. I should have been paying more attention. Now CoCreator’s Blog’s been hijacked by someone else. I still claim all the content posted on it back when that title and the url cocreator’ was under my control. Along with Cocreator’s New Blog.

Speaking of mini ice ages next week we are suppose to be setting record cold temperature lows around the middle of the lower forty eight. This after one of the wettest springs on record for the area. Summer’s off to a pretty wet start also. The wet spots are wetter than normal, bigger than normal and staying wet longer than normal. There are new wet spots on hillsides where I’ve never seen them before. There are a lot of drowned out beans that will never come back. So the seventy some percent of the crops that are good to excellent are maybe all there are. Seventy five percent is the level of coverage most producers pick to buy when it comes to crop insurance protection. Something tells me those insurance underwriters know how to make money. Guarantee them what they’ll grow and charge a pretty penny to do it. Where else can they make money when interest is nonexistent.

Which at three dollar corn thank God. Talk about sweat! It’s that time. Those bank operating notes may need to be re-written. Along with the land leases. Along with the seed and fertilizer. Along with most anything we farmers buy. If a rising tide lifts all boats what happens when the tsunami flows back out? Talk about undertow! Either way, enjoy the ride. Savor the sweat.

See ya then, see ya there.




To Plant. Or should I say two planted. Two farms down two to go on this corn run. I started planting corn on the west farm last evening. I finished up tonight in the dark. The only breakdowns were a packer wheel spring last evening even before I started and a flat front tire on the 1466 tonight as I was nearly done and it was nearly dark. Fortunately I had a spare here at home so It was a quick fix. I still needed headlights to finish planting the field. Two for two there.

The landlord/neighbor stopped to get some corn today. He saw we had been hauling out corn with the vacuum. He didn’t know the vacuum needed welded. His grown son was around though and he’s an iron worker so that was a win win situation. They fixed the auger tube on the vacuum and loaded their three hundred bushel wagon afterwords. I only had to stop planting twice to talk to them for a bit. Relatively painless. So I suppose two for two there.

Today the stay at gone mom brought me out some food and drink. Not only once, twice! I don’t think I dozed off all day. It’s amazing what a difference vittles make. I made er fifteen hours today. Counting the breakdowns. The couple sandwich breaks and the thermos of hot tea made for a spoiled rotten day. Egg and cheese sandwiches on toast with hot tea for brunch and  a Philly steak with french fries and a pop for supper. Two for three there? Cheap!

‘Could be a Trick.

To sleep.