Again. We had a week or more of not rain. Time to run some soybeans through the combine and on into the elevator in town. For all the hungry piggies. And soy-diesel. I just took a nap. The first one since it last rained. When I woke up it was still raining. Very light rain. But enough to make working out in it suck. So we’ll heel. And heal.

I’m done cutting beans here at home. I have about three semi loads of beans delivered to the Scoular elevator in town. For the hungry piggies. And soy diesel. I wouldn’t eat them though. Not unless they’ve been turned into Natto. Hogs thrive on the meal however. The soy diesel smells so good when the city buses go by. How ’bout your city?

I have a set of hydro static motors to change out of one of the parts combines because mine is leaking way too much oil to keep in. Don’t get me wrong, the things work nice. I would like to run them until they crap out but oil is so expensive I can’t afford to keep leaking. It may even help the environment, if you believe in such things.

Time to get dirty. (er)

Then, there.