Radar Rain

Three farms down, two to go. One of those two well started. It’s been raining since Mayday. A shower here, a shower there. 2/10ths in the gauge total for four days worth of rain gauging up north of I-80 where I’m planting the sod. No till planting in sod works good with intermittent sprinkles, bean stubble with wet hard-pans not so much. Maybe seventy five acres left to plant to corn, twenty five sod with the rest corn on corn.

For the second time this spring we are taking a whole week of showers to get only around an inch or less of total rain. On the live weather radar it looks like we’re really getting a rain. This year I have a couple of rain gauges up so I can ground truth their “total precipitation for the past 24 hours” section of the Doppler data.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. Unless this becomes a season long phenomenon. Though it won’t be the first time I’ve farmed through a year with a trend of the rain never quite getting here. For now it’s not a problem, we came into the season with a full tank of leftover water that fell last year. I only need an inch or two of rain to soak in the nitrogen and weed killer. If they put in the nitrogen stabilizer like I told them I have weeks for that couple inches to fall.

Come to think of it this year it could take a few weeks of “rain” to get a total that large. Pray for timely rains. I know I am.

If I don’t see ya there I may see you then.