Fish Fry Day

For forty. Or more? Again.

I’m often reminded that this is the lenten season. A time of fast. It goes by so. Hunger for sustenance and devine inspiration just as He battled His own demon. God of this world. A difference between me and that long missed other Son. He journeyed out into the wilderness to mark His metal. From whence I have returned to attempt a marking here. If I can find my metal. In this new forum. Upon Cyberstage One. I gave up my splendid isolation. I hope for more than forty days. In return a new creation, well a Cocreation anyway. (I don’t get red letters but at least I get a red underline) Cocreating, with a little help. That help is much appreciated. So I’m going to acknowledge and show gratitude. To the Creator. In His Lenten Season. As it quickly comes to close.

Thank You !!