To plant or not to plant, that is the question. Back when my brother was the one making the decision he once said,”Learning to farm is easy, simply look across the fence and see what the neighbors are doing.” As farms become larger and more of them turn into grain only operations the fences are going and sections are growing. So nowadays you have to look across the road. If the county hasn’t abandoned it.

Once a bridge gets closed around here the road is usually tagged Level B or C and the locals are on their own. Unless the remaining road has a residence (occupied house) the gravel is seldom renewed and the path is seldom graded by the county. As traffic goes around the roadway will regrow with grass and or nearly unnavigable gullies if the grade’s steep enough. I know, I’ve been stuck on more than one of these often hidden roads. Old roadways are one of my things I guess.

There’s nothing more interesting than an old railroad bed. The remnants of many are getting harder and harder to find as bulldozers get around to reclaiming the last stretches to crop ground. Gotta pay the rising taxes. After filling back up with trees some are well enough camouflaged to be mistaken for old growth trees, often hiding an old culvert on a raised section or a cut through a hill. And only the locals know they are there. Except for the ones near a town. They are often converted into bicycle/pedestrian trails and enjoyed by many.

Hit the trail. That’s what I’m about to do. As soon as the daughters still living at home have rounded up the cattle and I have the hot wires mended and snapping hot I’m going to go “look across the fence” and see what the neighbors are doing. Nowadays that means driving around to the various farms they may be working on today. If all I see is parked equipment I think I’ll have my answer. As they rolled out the door the daughters said it was raining. The three may need a jacket. Even sprinkles make for no drying. It’s not the distance as much as it’s the direction that we’re rooting for. Last evening it was getting close. We shall see. I’ll let you know next post. Maybe.

Unless I see you on the trail …….