I finally got the corn unloaded from the wagons onto a couple semi loads Wednesday. The leases for 2015 have all been signed as of yesterday. That is the leases I need to sign. Two farms are a perpetual lease until notices are served. Three are annual leases resigned every year. The rates are staying the same for all but one. It’s coming up to meet the others. So the squeeze is still on. The grass will have to go. It’s wall to wall crops from now on.

The combines are still outside but I have the wagons all moved home. I still have a tractor and auger to drive home from north of town along with the wounded 1460 up north of I-80. But today in the fog I have to run up to Bartlet in Council Bluffs to sign deferred contracts. I’m rewriting some to go to January. The tax accountant says spend it if you take it so I’m pushing the rest into next year. As incomes come down taxes will cease to be an issue. Solvency will increase being an issue however.

After dinner I have a 2:00 PM appointment to order next year’s seed and prepay for it. Part of that spend it if you take it tax program. I accidentally took too many spot contracts this Dec thinking I could cash the checks either year depending on when I needed them.. Tax man (and banker) says no, if you have a deferred contract you have possession of the money when they cut the check. Not when you cash it. Live and learn I guess. So along with wandering around in the fog I’ll be wandering around ion the fog of tax laws. I only hope they know what their talking about when they advise these hoop jumps.

See ya when the sun shines.