Grain Drops

Rain. Good and plenty. Not to be confused with Mike & Ike. The mike announces the news, the news drives the algobot trading machines. Pro Farmer is having their annual crop tour. Muddy boots in August? Big beans. Big round soybeans. Maybe even another level of pods. The corn can only get heavier. Heavy corn and beans. Gravity. Test weights really add up. Will it make up for the collapse in commodity markets? No. Will it further cause it? Of course. But it is in the direction of helping. By default. A lot of people will be crushed between here and help. Some recovery as early as January but maybe not until next planting season. In Iowa, not Brazil. They’re already there. Our strong dollar has their beans still near the teens. They can plant year round down by the equator. Two crops a year. Grow baby grow. But we are here. In Iowa. Foolishly? Sell in May and go away. Now it’s nearing the harvest flush. Buying opportunities are here. Or soon will be. Keep your powder dry. While it rains.



The Final Countdown (The Last Patch)

Last Field. Last Farm. I forgot to call last farm the other day, yesterday.  It was the other day I hit last farm but I took two off over the Holiday week end. Yesterday in my post I should have called last farm. Today I did. Last Farm. Did I mention I’m planting my last farm? I have fifteen acres left. Yesterday’s fifteen acres turned out to be more like twenty five. I was only finishing up in the twilight. I was exhausted so I came in the house (This last farm happens to be the home place) to check the radar. I had seen a thunderhead blowing up in the far distant south and I didn’t want to stop if we had rain moving in. Even if it meant starting this last patch in the near dark and running most of it in the dark.

Yesterday I ran after more openers and ordered more packer wheels for the grain drill from Lindeman’s Tractor. I had a Silly Philly at The West Side Diner in Atlantic, Iowa and headed home to fuel up the 1466 and fill the two seed boxes on the drill. I headed out and muscled up the dual rim and what was left of the hub that broke off running down tile line dirt humps and unloaded it up by the shop. Did I mention the wheel falling off the other day? That’s what I get for running on a Sunday. I sent the stay at gone mom into town after the last of the seed and headed down across the creek to finish that patch. No major breakdowns happened. But like I said, there was about ten more acres left to plant over there than I thought.

This last patch is the one I drive by every time I leave or arrive at the home place. It lays right alongside the driveway and the road.  There was no rain on radar until Kansas and that wasn’t blowing up larger or moving north so I crashed hard and heavy. Almost as if I was already done. This morning I checked the net for a 16 day rain outlook from NOAA and they have us down for between 5 and 10 inches of rain by the middle of June. This will be the last chance to slug soybeans into the ground until the last half of June. Literally the final countdown on planting. I couldn’t be happier. There’s no feeling like working the last patch.

Except maybe being done.

Until I am …….



May Day III

Titan Machine in Avoca had a man on post. He could muster up a parts man who would come in and make a hose. I was back together after a few hours and rained out by five o’clock that afternoon. We had had a shower that morning but not enough to stop planting. It had sprinkled on and off all afternoon as storms brewed up and worked around me. And right as I could see the western skies clearing and brightening up a steady shower caused my wheels to slip so I called it a day. Overnight we had a general rain. I needed a rest anyway. So I took two.

This morning however I need to get back to it. Last night as I was out mending fence and watching the backside of a thunderstorm that somehow missed us I noticed it was almost getting dry enough in the soil to go again. And I have more fence to move this morning. I’m cleaning up the winter quarters. The cattle’s winter quarters. I need to move two hay rings into the barnyard. I need to wedge the third bale ring the cows tore up into a gate hole. I’ve been shoring up the messed up gate that their grandparents tore up with pieces of destroyed bale rings for years. If it’ll turn a cow …….  Iron’s second life.

I never did get any extra parts for the Great Plains drill. I’m down to my last spare packer wheel. I’m out of spare disk openers. With only thirty acres to plant it’s tempting to make a run for it. But I know better. So I’ll make a run to town instead. A step back inside of society. Maybe I can get some vittles while I’m at it. Give the soil a little more drying time.  The weather folks say the rain may hold off the next few days but then there’s a chance every day after so I better get rock en. See ya then, see ya there.




OK I lied. Three for three was correct in that I was finished planting corn on the bean stubble on farm number three. I finished the third farm in the dark with my lights on for the third time. Because for the third time I had a couple break downs. But never mind my breakdowns, I usually get over them before serious $#!t hits the fan, I was held up by a couple equipment breakdowns. After driving the 1466 and the JD 7000 Conservation planter up north of town I noticed while putting the drive chains back on the drive sprockets that I was missing a cast iron packer wheel. Funny, I never noticed that back on the west farm when I was taking the drive chains off to travel down the road. I wonder where that fell off at.

I had a spare conventional rubber tired packer wheel I keep around for emergencies so that was no delay really. But seven acres later when I just happened to glance back and witness the gauge wheel rolling to a stop and tipping over after falling off I didn’t have a spare with me. I thought I had one at home but that seven mile detour on the way to Avoca’s JD dealership for parts wasn’t much appreciated. Those two hours wouldn’t have kept me out of the dark but they would have got me done by ten. This year midnight seems the new norm and after planting a few times last year behind lights I can do it if I have to. I guess. Hello, my name is Cocreator and I f&ck f@t chicks. Lets get this meeting started. Any new members out there? Don’t be shy …….

Three for three stands correct given the context. Given that fact Four For Four should have been my next post. And it would have had I made it. Yesterday’s post would have had me bragging about finishing up planting corn along with breakdowns in the bean stubble on the fourth farm in the dark under lights. Barely but under lights. Or is that behind lights. Yes behind lights. Only the front two way up on the grill in front of the radiator work now. There were four working lights on the cardinal points of the roll cab when I bought it. But then the radio and air conditioning worked when I bought it. Come to think of it the seat wasn’t propped up on 4×4 blocks of wood when I bought it either. Man sh!t can go to hell in a hurry. How do they get away with selling this flimsy crap anyway.

In reality this post can be Four For Four since as of now the fourth farm is completely done. It all works out in the wash. Ew, don’t say wash, Gully. Yesterday I planted the twenty four acres of corn on corn on the farm north of the interstate. Also known in this piece as the fourth farm. Come to think of it it was the fourth farm I started farming. Any who after finishing up the fourth farm I headed back and planted about thirty three acres of corn on corn on the third farm. Three For Three farm for this piece. (Maybe for the whole year) I saw thunderstorms approaching from the west as the sun went down so I bailed and ran the seed home to shelter from the rain in the shop. We were dodging it until around midnight here at home but when the stay at gone mom came home and we ran back up north of town it had already rained and was sprinkling still so I called it a night. That’s two nights in a row I was done by ten thirty. Not bad for planting season. At all.

I could get used to this.

Then, there …….