Drilling Grounds

Hup Two Three Four

Drill baby drill. It is more than just a shrill. It’s a strategy. That works. On the gridiron or on the oil fields drilling keeps the skills sharp. It keeps the juices flowing. Ever ready for the maneuvers of those whom would mean you harm. We can eat our corn for fuel but can they eat their fracking sand? The Mideast won’t have to since they are all heading for Europe. Out of the frying pan and into the fire? Nationalism is alive and growing north of the great sea. Oustlanders are fertilizer for the ancient movement in the bowels of Europe. Keeping it ever so regular.

They said drill baby drill wouldn’t work back when peak (a boo) oil had the world supposedly running out of the preferred fuel. Now the world is running out of places to store the excess oil. Oil is getting cheap again. Hurting only the fools who rushed in thinking that low prices wouldn’t be the result. The majors will swoop in and buy it up for pennies on the dollar. Suspect in all of this inflation then deflation is the fact that inflation corresponds to Quantitative Easing while deflation began as soon as QE stopped. Almost as if money rushes to tangible property. Only to rush back out again. It seems that what they call money attaches itself to some thing.

Do you suppose the powers that be already knew these precepts? Do you think they may have planned it? How many went along to get along? Was China their tool? Along with the Press that puts the squeeze on the sheeple. Judas goats that lead the lambs to slaughter. Then become the scapegoats that carry all those sins back out into the wilderness. To be resurrected by the shepherd kings when they come back in from the steppes to rule “anew”. As the Good Book says, “Nothing new under the sun.”