We loaded the last semi load of beans for the crush plant last evening just as it was getting dark. The load was going in today sometime. We cracked open a twelve pack and drank us up a storm. By midnight the rain was over. We received a good soaking. I’d say up to an inch fell. The perfect ending for the bean run. By noon today it had cleared back off and the sun was shining bright. I took a nap this afternoon after I had moved the cows out on the last patch of now fresh bean stubble. While they took their first few mouthfuls I ran down witrh a few buckets and cleaned up the beans we’d spilled on the road loading trucks. A trap wasn’t quite closed once on the rear hopper and a few beans dribbled out onto the gravel. Another time the truck pulled too far forward as he switched to the rear hopper and some ran over the back onto the same pile.

We finished before the rain but about five hours before it started I never thought I was going to make it. As I was cutting beans around two or three in the afternoon the cutter bar suddenly stopped. When I got off to see if the drive belt had broke I discovered the wobble box that drives the sickle had all but fallen clean off. The four bolts that held it in place were still all there but the two front ones had been the only ones holding it on since the piece of plate steel that the rear two bolts were bolted to had broken off with the piece still firmly attached to the wobble box to no avail. Those two front bolts had shaken half off and allowed the box to move rearward enough to slacken the drive belt stopping the sickle from traveling back and forth.

So I needed two new bolts with lock nuts and a welder. That meant running up to get my borrowed welder back from the guy that borrowed it. I sent the stay at gone mom after the bolts over to the Titan IH machinery dealer a couple towns over. She had just enough time before having to go pick up the kids from school. By Five I had it back together and was out finishing the last couple acres. I called the trucker and the rest you know.

Now, for the corn …….