Little Wet

The bean run.
Three loads out.
Yesterday, the 4th of October we loaded the second and third semi loads of beans for delivery to Scoular grain elevator in Hancock Iowa. The day before we loaded out the first and I ran the other two that afternoon-evening. Sunday when I started at 4:30 in the afternoon everybody and their dog was combining beans. That load tested 13.1% moisture, just enough to warrant a dock on the payout which starts at 13.1 and scales up above that.

Monday the wind was blowing out of the south so I didn’t wait till 4:30 PM to start. I began when everybody else did, by 4:30 I had enough for a load done and was starting to run enough for a second. That first load cost me another point of moisture. With a higher dock. Guess I should have let the neighbors run without me for a few hours again.

This morning I dumped another 1.2 inches of rain out of the gauge. We are good and wet. We have never really dried out from the last one. One cause of the too wet beans. The top of the soil may dry during the day but the moisture in the soil comes back to the top at night. Add the dew and the drying is being fought on two fronts, or in this case levels, above and below.

They’re calling for rain again tomorrow. I think I’ll finish the clean grain elevator rebuild and get a tractor rear tire repaired while it’s too wet to cut beans. That means buying a few more bearings and a new sprocket for the lower end of the clean grain elevator. I hate to spend money but this will save grief for a few years and then some.

I get enough grief from the grain markets.

Then, there.