Math & Taxes

Add up all the income. Subtract out the costs. Multiply by what they take. Divide you from your loss. How taxing is that? It should only take the average taxpayer a minimal amount of time to comply with the confiscation. But then the average taxpayer has a W-2 to attach to the EZ form and if they were fool enough to let the crooks take it out of their paychecks then plead with the government to please return a small portion. That same average payer has until April 15th to get it back without losing more of it to late fees and penalties.

If you are not the average taxpayer or if you don’t send in quarterly demands, they want you to cough it up in February. Right before the March 1 deadline to pay first half’s cash rent on land. Tax master above landlord. So (I would suppose) the prudent landlord pays quarterly and low-balls the estimate so they can use the first half’s rent to pay the balloon payment due in April on the fifteenth that evens up the year of quarterly payments. With what’s left after the April Fool’s deadline for property taxes. So I pay my taxes in February then March 1st I pay the rent that pays everybody else’s taxes. Now who’s the fool?