Good F F F Friday. Got heat? Got a ride to California? Anywhere warm. I’ll come back and finish planting when the ground’s warm. I’m done with my corn. The first time. The nation’s 60% planted they say. The rest will get planted they say. How much will get replanted? Will the surplus shrink? (Will there even be one?) That’s been the story since January. Shrinkage. Do women know about shrinkage? The corn crop carryover could shrivel up and hide like a scared turtle. Go from it’s projected mountain to it’s realized molehill. We wouldn’t want the natives to know we’re barely growing enough to get by. With no reserves Pharaoh.

Even the sidewalks are cold. I went back into the warm house and put on thongs to keep my feet warm as I went out to get something in the van this daybreak. Thick frost on the windshield. That’s when I noticed it on the pasture across the creek bottom a half mile away. The thermometer my not have said it was freezing but the frost doesn’t lie. It’s cold. Channel 7 says record cold. Broken record lows all over the weather map. Warm and dry out west, cold and wet out east. We’re in the middle cold and dry just like the winter we can’t seem to get rid of. Damn CO2 !!! Warmal Colding at it’s best.

I would like to be reporting something coy like being done planting beans. Instead I’m going to report that I haven’t even started. It’s a good thing they are not up with the frost on the grass this morning.  Yesterday as he was finishing up tiling the backhoe operator asked if winter was ever going to be over. A much repeated question as I get out and about. It doesn’t get any better as you move north. So I’m not complaining, it can always be worse. I’m just reporting. That’s the way it is, Concrete.