First Farm!!

One farm done. On the bean run. Or at least I thought it was when I quit in the dark last night. I had a full hopper on the combine and I wasn’t interested in crossing the creek crossing in the dark again so after I road blazed around the safe way and dumped the hopper I called it quits. I have about a round or so above the bottom south terrace east of the creek/barn and a couple wet and or weedy spots to grind through then it’s moving time.

Back to the farm next door’s sixty some acres. Then home for the last thirty. Then it’s on to golden corn. Ah, to live in Iowa and to grow the corn. Ah. Shuck and ah. If we ever get that far. Here it is the 14th of October and I have a measly eighty some acres of beans done. It’s always too wet. Doesn’t bode well for drying the corn either. The fan’s off much more than it’s on for the couple thousand bushels of corn I’m trying to dry here at home.

All in all a normal fall. The days get shorter and the air gets colder. Who needs air conditioning? Last night I thought I needed heat running after dark in the combine. In the pickup I’ve already run the heater a few times. Red, the $700.00 pickup with the Hemi and headers that I’ve put brakes on and a water pump in, is now sporting a new battery and new battery cable ends. Eventually I’ll run out of mechanic’n to do. On second thought …….

Then and there,