From The Oak

Good afternoon to you. Unless you’re talking about the weather. Then ‘afternoon. Where the ‘ is a nod or a wink. Depending on if you’re a shirt or a skirt. Really nasty out there for spring. If nasty means wet and cooler. I’d say cold but given that a month ago we were around zero degrees all day, this taint all that bad. But if you’re hoping for a warm spring rain you’re a couple of states off. Here in Iowa we’re on the back side of this thing. We haven’t moved a degree or two from forty all day. With an east to northeast wind all day. Barely enough rain for wet sidewalk but continuous all day. It doesn’t even show up on the radar. So all in all a good afternoon. To me anyway. For a sunless, damp day.

Not much to report. I hayed the cows. They only get one bale a day now due to wasted hay. I won’t have that. I’m fixing to go out and split a little wood. No matter how many times I let the fire die I end up relighting it after the temps drop. I don’t care if LP gas went down it’s still too damn high priced. A tiny bit of gasoline and oil will turn a tree into a whole lot of heat if you have a set of wedges to size it up for a wood stove. In another month it will all be out of mind. I went outside to split wood on the last warm day this week to get ready for the “cold snap” and it was no fun at all in the heat. When I’m creating firewood I prefer a cold wind up my Carhartts.

I don’t know why I need to have winter barking up my butt to get in the mood to cut firewood. It’s really just the splitting I put off till cold days, I’m forever cutting something down or cleaning up what the wind brings down. I may have a corn crib to use for heat next year, the other trustees want to bulldoze it down. I remember cleaning up an old barn that a tornado took down back during the old oil embargo/crises days of the 1970’s. We would bring it home and two man saw it up in a sawbuck Dad had built for the occasion. It was amazing how fast a two man saw could saw through a stack of barn boards. It was amazing how hot Dad would get that old Round Oak stove.

Here we’ll go again. Different decade, same day. I guess the acorn didn’t fall too far from the Oak.

Have a great week.