Cows were out. Cows were in. Cows were out in the neighbors. Remember what I said about good fence making good neighbors?  This is a good neighbor. The fence between us is bad but he brought the cows back home twice. I was gone at the time. When I got home at dark last night there was a note on my door. It said forty cattle were out in his and another neighbor’s fields. There’s not much line fence between one of those neighbors and I. The one that happened to bring them home.

Welcome (back?) to Cocreator’s New Blog. How’s your day going?

We’ve never discussed which one of us the line fence in question belongs to. Usually if you’re facing your neighbor the fence on your right hand side is yours. For some reason this farm at home has some of the line fences backward. The one along the west and the one along the north have been switched. We have the left hand end on both. Bit the fence they ran through is on the north east corner on the east side. Years ago I lined the fence all along the east side of this farm with a smooth galvanized electric fence wire on ree bar posts.

The storm the other night brought the level of the water in the creek up the banks about three quarters of the way full. That swept over my hot wires I run across it on each end. The south end fence had a break on one end of the wire. That wire along with a couple posts were swung around and buried in mud and debris along the creeks other bank. That caused the hot wires on the whole farm to be dead. Or nearly so. Including the one all the way on the opposite corner where the cows finally found it yesterday evening.

I started out the brisk morning fixing that northwest corner. By two thirty in the afternoon I have all but one fence fixed, the cows re-re-corralled, sort of, and the muffler nearly torn off my KIA minivan from crossing the creek where I maybe shouldn’t have. So I’m taking a break and messing with a totally different kind of post. The kind that don’t hurt my hands when I try to straighten it back out. The kind on the internet. The kind the cows won’t bend all up trying to scratch themselves on it. At least not my cows. With cows losing their winter coats (come to think of it were is mine) now is not the time to have a dead wire on the electric fence. They’ll rub on anything that doesn’t shock them first. That’s hard on fence.

We’ve had a few more calves born since I was planting corn around them. Today as I run them back onto the pasture the corn was spiking through the ground. That’s nearly three weeks to come up. I was starting to wonder if it ever was going to emerge. It seems to be hesitating as if to say wait a minute here, we thought it was the middle of May. The  neighbor’s earlier planted corn that’s leafed out looks awful yellow. As is the corn spiking on my farm. I guess it’s already number two yellow corn. Better check the bid …….

That’s how my day’s going. Went from greasing the squeaking wheel to rounding up the mooing cattle. Took off the ball cap and put on the Stetson. Put aside the wrench bucket and pulled out the fencing bucket. You get the gist of it. Switching occupations. So if you’re up my creek, with or without a paddle, …….

See you then, see you there.