Pair A Dice

Cut beans yesterday afternoon. After fixing a leaking hydraulic hose that holds the head up. A late start from a cool wet morning the clouds thinned out to none and the sun shone clear all afternoon. No real wind so the beans were tough at dark on the bottom where I finished up. After unplugging the head auger twice on the last round. I didn’t want to combine in the dark anyway. I had moved the wagons, auger and tractors over to the east side of the hill. The field I’m cutting on is basically an eighty some acre hill. I was done cutting over on the western side and spent yesterday afternoon cutting on the east. I had enough to load the semi on wagons by dark so all in all it was a successful day.

We loaded the semi this morning first thing. There was a little frost on the ground at the bottom of the hills at sunrise but the hill tops were only soaked with dew. This morning is a lot nicer than yesterday. The sun is shining and a wind is picking up so we should be ready to go at any time. Providing the combine is. Come to think of it I need to fuel the old girl up. Then it’s another day in paradise out here in the sticks.

Were still rockin’ the Paradise …….