The Deluge !

New post. Long time no post. No fence. Nothing but open range. Now two posts in one day, we must be nearing civilization. That can’t be good.

You’d think it would have been liberating. That open range. Free from obligations of continuity. Moving on as before with nothing dragging me back. At first maybe. Then came harvest. I found myself trying to keep track of the minutia of the corn and bean runs on a simple wall calendar. Effective even if primitive yet I found the reread not nearly as revealing as the old blog post were the two seasons I used that medium. No embellishments just the facts. Mam. Only thirty five spaces. If you don’t mind writing over the other stuff already printed there by the calender manufacturer. Three dimensional printing in it’s original usage.

I made it work. That is I never lost the calender. Yet. Next Monday the all risk crop insurance adjuster stops by and we’ll need that calender to prove yields. I wrote all the pertinent information down on that calender as to what number of loads went out on what days. Those facts can be cross referenced with weigh tickets and unload dates from the various elevators around that had room for the “record” harvest.

Eventually I came to the realization open range presents it’s own obligations of continuity. Captivated by it’s freedom and swept up into it’s possible perpetuity, too soon stockholmed into diligent guard against any horizon that dare draw near. Cursing the blinding light of dawn as the sun climbs up out of it’s grave. The very thing so recently prayed for to aid in the never ending watch. Oh fickle fleer of fright. Nightmares becoming mirages drawing you in. Though never nearing enough to quench this thirst in it’s deep dark pools . Until ……….

The deluge !

Thank you very much.

Psunonimusly Yours Indisguito

Cocreator Ten