Post & Beam

I’ll write a post then go on You Tube and get a link so you can beam it into your television. I mean computer. I mean telephone. I mean wrist TV. Before I run too far astray what I’m getting at is this is a post and beam construction. Nothing new on the Plains. Nothing new under the sun. Nothing old under the sun if I get my way. That sun’s so hard on paint it’ll make new seem old in no time whatsoever. It’s best to keep everything not growing green out from under the sun. Once it’s made it goes in the shade. Even if it was made in the shade like lemonade. Or whoopee wearing nothing but the shade.

I parked the 1460 in the shade of the post and beam construction we here at the home place call the lower barn. It sits about a bucket’s throw down the hill from the upper barn. Years ago I had taken a small one bent hay loft out of the south middle section and opened up the north end of the center section and built doors to create a machine shed to store machinery. Then I started storing hay outside in large round bales wrapped in plastic mesh. Progress? The hay is fed up before it goes rotten and the machinery is stored out of the sun and wind and rain and ice and snow. I’ll call it progress. I still have a few hundred small square hay bales stored in the side sections that give a home to coons and such. Still nothing new.

I have one piece left to get tucked away in it’s barn. The 1440 with the corn head is parked over south of the white shed on the west farm. I brought it “home” but didn’t have time yet to take off the end snoot from the corn head so it will fit in the barn, raising it’s resale value. Maybe today. We are suppose to move cattle to that farm from home tomorrow. Better get her buttoned up. And battened down. It’s about a two mile drive west to the west farm past seven building sites that mostly don’t have a road fence. Not to mention the neighbor’s herds. It takes quite a crew to drive the cattle on the road. So I have to schedule it. I hate schedules. Until the plan comes together.

Well that’s the plan. Now I have to post and beam.