Smile’n Wave

To have a thought
Instantly caught
A thinker from afar
An inner mind
We’ve come to find
Stand’s open & ajar
When we laugh
We telegraph
Vibrations to the winds
Off it goes
Both far and close
And it never ends


Fired Fox

Telling scar
Casey takes his turn at bat
Set the bar
Feed the fruit before it’s fat
Near and far
Hard to tell just where it’s at
Dogs of war
Chase the tales of Cheshire Cat

Muskrat stole
Wrapped around both lad & lass
Black like coal
Shiny as a piece of glass
Rabbit whole
Heading down the mountain pass
Lost control
Somewhere ‘tween the brake and gas

On they come
Marching ‘cross the fields again
To and from
Following the fading stain
Chanting hum
Echoes ‘oer the ‘umble plain
Ol’ Kingdom
Burning through the razing cane


Building Seven

Building seven cities on an ancient fertile plain
Busy hands and hammers When erected painted white
Building seven churches on the land where walked the Lord
The dust from His sandals turned to mortar holding tight
Building seven armies with a cross upon the shields
The armor of the heavens adding metal to the might
Building seven bridges for the future and the past
To expedite the marches on the journey to the fight
Building seven stations on the road to Babylon
Fresh water and horses and a bivouac for the night
Building seven engines for the never ending siege
Adding to the terror built within the city’s sight
Building seven cemeteries Burying the lost
No stones mark the passage of a people not contrite


Red Shields Of War

From plows to swords
With edges steeled
The knife in back
Neatly concealed
Then craftsmen Wrights
The engines wheeled

Their walls weakness
Were soon revealed
You called em out
To battlefield
They’re carried off
Atop red shield

Remember back
The night before
When we raised up
White shields of war
To settle down
Some ancient score

As they brought two
You pulled out four
We drew first blood
Now you want more
Dripping from the
Red shields of war