It has begun. For me anyway. I started cutting beans yesterday. I was going to post this last night but I was dead tired. So the rack got me first. As the bright rising sun shines into the corner of my eye and Ag Day TV streams on the other screen I’ll claim the start of harvest to the world. Then I need to get going. I still have machinery to move to the field. So I hope you don’t mind a quickie.

I’m cutting over on the west farm. I’ve survived the shakedown cruise. So far all I have done is one round, one very slow round south of the barn to the west waterway and the two acre bottom patch north of the buildings ‘tween the lane and creek. Possibly the wettest beans on the farm. But I wanted a moisture test sample to see if they were dry enough and if the green ones are ready I know the rest will be dry. They tested 13.4% moisture, just under the 13.5% cutoff. Any wetter they won’t take them at most elevators and at Bunge’s crush plant where they will take them up to 15% moisture they will dock the price they pay substantially.

It’s good to be started. Better l;ate than never. This may be the latest start for this area. If not it’s the latest in a long time.


PS. I’ve heard some of the corn yields coming in aren’t that good. Hope that’s not widespread. I’ll let ya (and the trucker) know when I’ve combined enough to load a truck. Later …….