War On …….

Speaking of war, We sprayed the weeds on the ground going to soybeans. Well Co-op did. I had flagged where I wanted them to stop spraying and had drawn up the maps they use to determine where each field is. But they did the actual spraying. I decided years ago that I wasn’t going to take the chance the chemical companies were lying about the safety of their product. They say it’s safe to handle but I’ve never forgotten the horror story of the worker who swallowed his tongue and I think choked to death. After being exposed to one of the ingredients used when my father worked at the Stauffer Chemical Company’s farm products production facility in Council Bluffs back in the 1960’s. Not to mention I never seemed to have enough well water to keep up with the spraying schedule back when I did it myself. So now I hire it done. I handle my war on weeds in the same manner as the new military, by proxy.

As far as the war to resist change here at WordPress, I’ve figured out how to write my posts using the old format I’m familiar with. I simply go to the main Admin page, start to write in the little section that asks, “What’s on your mind?” hit the “Save Draft” button, then click on the saved draft’s link that pops up directly below. I land on what used to be the page you went to to add posts. Or a page just like it. There’s something about the stark familiarity of this page that somehow inspires¬† me to write when I’m here. As far as I’m concerned they can keep some of the change. I’m willing to share.

They used to say change is good but Alabama ended that. If you’re new here I call the Prez Alabama because that was the best choice on Spell Check whenever they would flag his typed name right after he was elected. Until Spell Check caught it and changed it. Since he’s been president what they’re calling change has been flatly rejected by most level headed Americans.¬† Tea, Anyone? Speaking of which, how about that Rand Paul? I hope he’s coming to the Iowa Straw Poll. If he does he’ll get my support. I’m already tired of hearing the same old worn out names like Clinton and Bush. If folks can’t see that it was the likes of those that got us into this mess I don’t know what chance we have. Of course they’re the favorites with the corporate media. That dead corpse. If you love your “person”-hood by all means vote for them. But if you would rather stand up and be a man, a real walking talking living man, maybe it’s time for a fresh face. And name.