Cool was back in the news the last little while. That’s Country Of Origin Labeling not the temperatures. (Though temps are starting to straiten out after a month of February in November. We went directly from summer into winter. No fall.) It sounds like Mexico and Canada are pissed because America is going to tell their consumers where the meat comes from. Canada and Mexico don’t want anybody to know that their eating meat from those two countries. It makes me wonder what’s wrong with their meat to make them want to hide amongst our meat to get it sold. They want a ransom if we label.

Then there’s Monsanto. They don’t seem to want anybody to know their eating Monsanto’s products. Making everyone wonder what’s wrong with what they’re peddling. Why spend millions fighting label laws so you can hide your products amongst non GMO products. If the corporations get their way and get the TPP and other similar trade deals rammed through consumers will have to pay the corpses for lost sales revenue should they try to differentiate products on the shelves. A kind of “Let us sell it or else!” ransom that’s sure to please the dead bastards.

If we are smart we will label away and pay the damned ransoms. Maybe we could hide the ransom in gun sales and laundered drug sales like we did back in the eighties when we busy “not negotiating” with the Arabian terrorists and “not funding” the Contras of central America. We would consider it a knowledge fee. A truth tariff. A lot cheaper in the long run instead of waiting for the medical costs to show up after destroying our health. A stitch in time. For a change. Label me, label you.

You can label me Cocreator Ten.

Amongst other things.