Wednesday October Fifteenth

Though I’d never brought it up in Monday’s post it rained all day that day. A light, easy kind of rain that lets every drop soak in. I’m not complaining but the ground is pretty much completely full of water after the twenty plus inches we’ve received through August and September. A nice long dry stretch would really come in handy about now. I wouldn’t miss the rain till next spring sometime. Preferably right after planting. Preferably a nice easy rain like we’ve recently had. But then when do I ever get what I want? I’ll get what I get and I won’t throw a fit. I may bitch a little though.

The wind blew like crazy yesterday out of the northwest. The crops dried out but the ground is still muddy. I think some corn may have been harvested yesterday. I know we’ll see combines rolling through cornfields this afternoon. I doubt we’ll see any running beans but I may be the one who makes a liar out of myself if it’s fit to cut at suppertime. I thought the ground was plenty moist on the eighty five acres I’ve already harvested. The stems were pretty moist too. I know I’ve never run as green of stems through doing beans as I have this year.  It’s not because I’m ahead of schedule either. I’m actually behind schedule, it’s just that Mother Nature is a lot further behind than I am.

Speaking of being behind. I think I’ll mess with fence all day. Yesterday I moved the cow herd across the creek to the west side but I never put the hot wire back up on the north end where they had run it down while it wasn’t hot. I make the north creek crossing hot wire hot with the wire running down the west side of the creek. It’s a good fifty yards in from the six wire barbed wire fence that comes right up to the water’s edge on both sides of the creek. I use the space between the barb wire and the hot wire as a buffer to let them think they are “out” before they actually are. After that I still have over a half mile of barb wire fence to roll up on the farm north of I-80. I hired a kid to take them off the posts but he didn’t want to roll them up. That takes real work so I guess that mission is mine. Should I decide to accept it.