I disappeared for the afternoon/evening. I went for a quick trip yesterday to pick up insulators for the electric fence, drop a dividend check off at the bank, and check the final storm damage to the crop ground and crops. I had driven around during the loll in the storm the other evening. We had a lot of rain after that. We didn’t fare too bad. We lost some rain down the hills and caught more than a few ice bullets but all in all the worst of the storm missed us. The same can’t be said for quite a swath of south west Iowa and east central Nebraska. If you draw a line from north of Fremont Nebraska to south of Griswold Iowa and you cut a swath along that line about four or five miles wide you will see in that enclosure a lot of busy people. I know. I couldn’t help driving it. That quick trip turned into a long slow ride.

The trees are taken back a month and a half in color as they were de leafed by Ice bullets and baseball battery. When you drive by a few trees the smell of freshly sharpened pencils fills the air. Trees, grain bins, pole sheds and sections of house roofs are scattered all across fields and roads. The grass looks freshly mowed to the ground except on the down wind side of trees, buildings and embankments. Over on the river bottom where they have them around Missouri Valley Iowa the center pivot irrigation rigs are tipped over here and there. The corn which was getting near knee high is dotted lines across barren fields. The newly emerged soybeans look no different, if you can even see the dotted lines of stumps. The crops just disappeared.

It’s been confirmed an F-2 tornado is what took the neighbors shed and Warren Buffet’s power towers. (up to fourteen I’ve heard) That was dead center in the swath of damage caused by the super celled storm. Derecho type storm Farm TV was trying to call it this morning on US Farm Report, a weekly agricultural television show put out by Farm Journal I believe. I don’t care what you call it I call it ugly. Uglier than my cornfield when I ran the whole herd out of it this morning. But not much in spots. Like where they circled by the gate in the hot wire waiting to be let back in. I’m not sure they even left the dotted lines. The neighbor called and said they had been out all night. That’s what I get for leaving that long. I knew better. They did too. It’s time to “disappear” a few of the ornery critters. A slow ride to the sale barn. Or two.

That’s where you’ll find me. Soon.



UK Reign




The rock is Precious. The paper is Fiat. The schism is Artificial. Yet the oldest game on earth.

That game is Geo-brinksmanship. Living on the razor’s edge. Move too slow and it settles in. Deep. Move too fast and your sliced in two. The Goldilocks gait. Just right. Just in time solutions. To just installed conditions. Just in case you were wondering. Justice seldom arrives in time. In our time. It’s been said vengeance is The Lord’s and He is beyond time. He is beyond space. He is beyond explanation. He just IS. It takes a load off knowing.

We’ve nothing really to do in the grand schemes so I suppose we’re free to be protesters for a day. Or two. Or few. Prepaid partisans. Till the snipers come out. Then is it really worth the twenty five bucks it pays per day? Fifty? Not even if smokes are ten bucks a pack. Five billion don’t buy the loyalty it once did. Especially behind the old Red Curtain. It spreads out kind of thin. A little like the oil.

I think the Chinese received a better deal. But then don’t they always. Spring is here if only barely now. There’s jobs out on the farms. Well, work anyway. Put down the placard and hop in the Packard. Head for the hills. Hard currency takes hard cargoes. China won’t take them all. Thank God! The country has bills to pay. Grain can spread the wealth. And health.

April showers bring mayflowers. Mayflowers full of pill grims. How many a day? Cloudy and cold. Seek professional help before attempting a dosage reduction. That boat sailed a long time ago. That boat has hit the doc. And run him clean over. Reeducation. A task on the farm perhaps. Livestock sector? Same drugs different mugs. Wash your hands before returning to work. Or better yet, take a shower. Ukulele.


All Time High

Sounds like a personal problem.

Familiarity has it’s advantages. My old blog, CoCreator’s Blog, was dashboarded here at WordPress. Cocreator’s New Blog is made 100% road ready as a unit here at WordPress. Free and turnkey on. I simply settled in and started typing like the old days. Ah the old days. These are those before we know it. The list of things to do becomes two lists. The list of things done and the list of things that may never get done. How did old Froadie used to say that before he called it a day? “Don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow, ’cause if you die tonight you won’t have to do it tomorrow.” Then we’d go have a beer. Guilt free.

I thought of old Froad today as I was hauling six bull calves off to the sale barn. He got a much undeserved ass chewing and was run clean off the farm of a brother of mine as we were sorting cattle. Actually before those cattle were even in the catch pen. All he did was tell my brother to calm down after the herd had done an end run around Froad and me. I don’t know if he ever made it right with Froad, or if one ever really could but me an’ Froad became com-padres that day and I look forward to having a beer with him in heaven some day. Without the “boss”. Calves are at an all time high so I guess I’ll be buying.

The great thing was I have learned a thing or two since that time so long ago. These six calves I was marketing today were self sorters. That is they separated themselves from the herd. I had a heifer in heat and all the bulls were dogging her for a chance to mate. She was looking for anywhere to get away from them. When I opened the gate on the catch pen she was very easy to steer (no pun intended) into it. A trailer load of the bulls eagerly bulldozed their way into it right after. (Again no pun intended) When I offered her a quick trip round the pen and right back out the bulls were so busy fighting, jockeying for the best position behind her they never even noticed she was gone until this morning I think. I had quickly fed them some shelled corn and some supremo hay on the ground inside the catch pen. Also known as something else to fight over.

To add the cherries to the top of this whole sundae (or was it Thursday? Wednesday? Both?) I flipped a coin (figuratively speaking) as to where they would be sold. I have three major sale barns about an equidistant trip from my farm gate. All of them have their regular sale on a different day of the week. I had decided that the one I was going to was the one that had the soonest sale. Which I had thought was Saturday. That would give me a few days to try to “sort” some more. As it turned out when I came wheeling up to the sale barn it was surrounded by pickups with stock trailers and nearly full of calves to sell at one of their special feeder calf sales. When fortune’s on your side you kind of have to run with it. One load is enough if that’s the case. There were no more bulls “riding” when I got home from the sale barn anyway.

Did I mention feeder cattle are at an all time high?