The space age brought and end to stowaways. That and the jet age. The space age was followed by the cyber space age. The electronic age. Unless your Tron stowing away still being no option. Hacking in however is a different subject. Before the space age we had the beatnik – hitchhiking days. Before that the hobo years of riding the rails. I’m not sure what came before that, maybe the foot age. Walking. Now called hiking. Catching a ride on a town bound load of country produce? Or a manor bound load of supplies? I don’t know, I was a hitch hiker. I remember there was plenty of walking involved also. Ass, gas, grass or pass, nobody rides for free.

I always liked when a girl would be hitch’n the same direction you were. We never walked much then. A hitch hiker is not technically a stowaway. I felt more unwelcome aboard the MAC flights back in the Navy. When yours is the only airline passenger seat located in an otherwise loaded cargo bay of a military 707 you don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling from the pilot as he breezes by you on his way to the cockpit. When you hop into a car full of partiers on the way back from a major league game in St Louis to a figure eight stock car race in Sedalia, you feel more than welcome when they hand you a cold one from out of the cooler. Being now the soberest one in the car you don’t even mind driving the rest of the way there.

When I was expelled from the Navy I hitchhiked all the way home. West out of Pensacola. North out of New Orleans. West out of St. Louis. North out of Kansas City. I wussed out and called my father for a ride the last 30 miles east out of Omaha to home. He got real quiet when I told him I had a girl hitchhiking with me. How did he think I was able to get so many rides so fast. For some reason the travelers are not as wary of a couple. Respectable looking people in nice cars will even stop to pick you up. Non gay respectable looking people in nice cars will even stop to pick you up. Because there is that out there to be aware of.

Not that there’s anything right with that.