I hope you had a nice weekend. The omnipotent federal government’s three day weekend. One day off for each Abrahamic religion. If only they gave em Friday off, maybe the ol Muslims would feel a little more at home and calm down a little bit. The one a year they do regularly give off is called Good Friday.  You think that would be a sign it’s not a bad Idea. Yea I know everybody hates Mondays so it’s nice to have it off once in a while but that seems to only move the sucky day to Tuesday. Maybe Monday wouldn’t suck so bad if we had Friday off. Monday’d be so far from Thursday that you wouldn’t even remember what work is by then. Sunday would seem doubly deliciously decadent after having two whole days to rest up for it. I know decadence on Sunday isn’t the point but not working is decadence to me. Three days of not working sounds like indulgent decadence.

I farm and that means daily chores so I’m exempt from taking one day off each week. God don’t mind me watering and haying his cattle. Being born in a manger during hay feeding season I’m sure he was very familiar with the drill. I have to tend the fire too. However, after the third day with afternoon temps in the mid fifties I sort of let the wood stove go out Sunday night. So I couldn’t help enjoying the crisp dawn air to work up a sweat splitting the firewood outside the basement window. After waking up to a chilled house with a running furnace. It’s not work if you enjoy it, right? A body needs limbered up. Saturday and Sunday I didn’t do too much so out of the three I got a day off, even if it took all three to work it in. I wish I felt inspired to write something poetic.  Not that this is work. It’s just poetic seems to be the only thing that gets any likes around here. Maybe I’ll tag this poetry and see if it’s all robo likes.

It sure isn’t robo written. Domo …….