Fly Over Country

The great American desert. Greens have turned to yellows and the yellows turn to brown. From a few miles up it looks like a desert down here occasionally punctuated by little green oasis. Acreages and building sites with still green grass. Old homesteads modernly referred to as Compounds by news reporters raised in the socialized incorporated city states of this American Union. Such a far cry from the solid mass of deep green we had only a few weeks ago. Yes this desert really greens up when the rainy season comes. But eight months of the year it’s desert brown. Especially when seen from up on high. Taking away the prairie didn’t change that. What used to be grown, dry, brown buffalo grass is now grown, dry, brown corn and soybeans. Truly nothing new under the sun. Not counting new crop …….

Soybean harvest has begun in the area. The new crop. Three or four days worth of harvest before the weather shut them down. A couple of inches of rain Tuesday and morning fog Today will tend to do that. The side hill seeps were not dry enough yet so they were being cut around  but anybody that planted early maturity beans were able to start cutting them. Full season beans may be ready to roll if and when this weather straitens out, or is that swings the other way toward dry and warm. I’ve seen that take a month around here this time of year. I think 2009 we were shut down all of October before it was fit to run beans. We had a pretty short window in November to get caught up that year. By Christmas our second blizzard shut us in until April. I wish I could remember if we also had never summer that summer.

Some corn has been combined along side the beans. I’ve heard moisture levels were dropping into the teens. Of course the rain will raise moisture levels up some. That doesn’t remove the fact it’s nice to hear of 19% corn in September. A good distance in the right direction. It would be nice to put dry corn in the bin again. We’ve already lost enough money on this year’s crop there’s no need to further add insult to injury. With local elevator cash corn bids in the $2.50’s we’ve already lost nearly half of what we’ve invested. Any extra money we have to spend from here on out will be even worse than insulting, it will be taking the very food out of our children’s mouths. That has caused riots where it’s happened across the globe recently. It’s not like we’ll need them plowshares anymore with no till. Swords, anyone?

Further adding insult to injury on the day the USDA lowered it’s carryout of soybeans’ yearly ending stocks the market went down. I understand that they’re trying to slow down the southern hemisphere’s bean planters but Chicago should be able to do that by taking profits. If they keep taking the capital along with the profits there will be no way to replace the ninety percent that the world still consumes. The seven years of lean we’ve just been through won’t be able to be followed up with the seven years of plenty it takes to make it around to here again. Then you’re going to have African and Asian style famines breaking out all around the globe. Even over here where it’s already been largely depopulated. (The area also known as fly over country)

A little food for thought. Our brains being large consumers of caloric energy. For those fortunate few still with enough food to think. Or is that called hording now. So as to not be accused of hording my thoughts I’ll share them on line. Though I prefer telepathy. Go with the tried and true I always say. Try it and truth it yourself. Neither is exclusive from the other however as both can be accessed simultaneously. Pick your web. Cob salad scenery. Time for Fall Cleaning? Sweep out the cobwebs before filling up the store. But store just the same. Squirreling away. For the lean times.