The Final Countdown (The Last Patch)

Last Field. Last Farm. I forgot to call last farm the other day, yesterday.  It was the other day I hit last farm but I took two off over the Holiday week end. Yesterday in my post I should have called last farm. Today I did. Last Farm. Did I mention I’m planting my last farm? I have fifteen acres left. Yesterday’s fifteen acres turned out to be more like twenty five. I was only finishing up in the twilight. I was exhausted so I came in the house (This last farm happens to be the home place) to check the radar. I had seen a thunderhead blowing up in the far distant south and I didn’t want to stop if we had rain moving in. Even if it meant starting this last patch in the near dark and running most of it in the dark.

Yesterday I ran after more openers and ordered more packer wheels for the grain drill from Lindeman’s Tractor. I had a Silly Philly at The West Side Diner in Atlantic, Iowa and headed home to fuel up the 1466 and fill the two seed boxes on the drill. I headed out and muscled up the dual rim and what was left of the hub that broke off running down tile line dirt humps and unloaded it up by the shop. Did I mention the wheel falling off the other day? That’s what I get for running on a Sunday. I sent the stay at gone mom into town after the last of the seed and headed down across the creek to finish that patch. No major breakdowns happened. But like I said, there was about ten more acres left to plant over there than I thought.

This last patch is the one I drive by every time I leave or arrive at the home place. It lays right alongside the driveway and the road.  There was no rain on radar until Kansas and that wasn’t blowing up larger or moving north so I crashed hard and heavy. Almost as if I was already done. This morning I checked the net for a 16 day rain outlook from NOAA and they have us down for between 5 and 10 inches of rain by the middle of June. This will be the last chance to slug soybeans into the ground until the last half of June. Literally the final countdown on planting. I couldn’t be happier. There’s no feeling like working the last patch.

Except maybe being done.

Until I am …….