Cocreator’s Back

It’s been a long cold winter after a long hard fall. I have been going cold turkey since last July when I noticed my original blog CoCreator’s Blog was expiring as I lay healing in the hot springs of Colorado. That’s what I get for trying to take a few days off. You know what they say, no rest (and obviously no healing) for the wicked.
All right I know I was posting fewer and fewer posts to the original blog. I’m not promising anything like I was producing at the beginning Of CoCreator’s Blog but boy oh boy it’s feeling quite good to be back in the old word press saddle again.

The original domain CoCreator’s Blog is lost to me forever now since a lawyer, as near as I can tell, has picked up the url. And I’m not about to lock horns with a lawyer just to claw back some silly old thing like a web address, life’s too short. This will be my address now for all things written. Fortunately I was able to keep the original site printed out on paper. I’ll always have that even if the Wayback Machine, if that’s even operating anymore, didn’t manage to capture much of it.

I may post some of the old stuff and I may not. It has always been my contention that serendipitous occurrences ought to be respected and maybe there’s a reason that old site went by the wayside. I’m sure my intentions have morphed over the years since starting to blog. Today and until further notice this site is for me. It’s where I’ll hide the things I think I want to write. For better or worse.

Enter at your own risk. I make no promises niether written nor implied. Caveat emptor and all that jazz.

It’s REALLY good to be back,