Stone Arch (2114)

There’s a bridge outside the edge of town
It’s made of stone & it won’t fall down
Built o’er a hundred years ago
It’s stood time’s test of rain and snow

Constructed by the immigrant
Who came to work and never went
Soon their sons and sons of those
Were growing native corn in rows

It used to carry loaded trains
East and west across the plains
Today it carries bicycles
Jiggling jugs and testicles

From work to live to live to work
Today it’s just a rural perk
For condo dwellers on the hill
Who have a problem take a pill

Then go about their merry way
Without care actors in the play
Some days the youngsters gather here
They smoke their stuff and drink their beer

That’s kept cold in the creek below
Trickling by soft and slow
A buck knife taken from it’s sheath
To carve initials underneath

Glistens in the dieing light
As a youth begins to write
Script to co-stand across time
Deep in that cornerstone of lime



As of sundown last evening. The rain was minimal. Around five o’clock as I drove up north to see how dry it was getting everybody and there dog was out planting something. The next door neighbor was planting in the cornstalks. I should say both next door neighbors. One up north and one down home. The one up north was planting beans but the other next door neighbor up north running a grain drill was running in bean stubble. Beans on beans? The third next door neighbor was still planting corn in bean stubble. CO-OP was just finishing up there too as I headed home. The two youngest daughters were along for the ride so we stopped in town at the park to let them play a while.

It doesn’t look like the tile line guys work on Saturdays. The welder guy does. He was over west hiding from a shower in his truck cab when I pulled up. The Vacuum’s ready to roll. The CO-OP boys were applying the corn weed and feed there as we finished up welding the guy wires (chains) to the auger tube bracket. That’s my patent to reenforce the self supporting auger better. I’ve seldom met a machine that didn’t need a tweak here and there. It should be good to go for another hundred thousand bushels. Given a little duct tape and baling wire. My older brother is planting corn for the guy that sold me the vacuum so as long as they get along it sounds like I can have used parts cheap.

If I don’t log on tomorrow have a happy Mom’s day.

See you then, see you there.