Two Sents

Two hits. Views. I get more likes from my poems than I do from my regular blogging. For some reason I don’t get anymore views. Does that mean folks are liking but not reading? If that’s the case this might be the write thing to do. Adding my two “sents” every week or so to remind myself from the future what I’m working on today. Providing I can find my way back.

I was looking at some pictures today that the stay at gone mom found going through tubs of old papers from the last twenty five or more years. They were shots of older projects I had almost forgotten I’d done. Not to mention old enterprises I’d long since moved on from. Back then I didn’t blog. I never had a journal. I would (and still do) write timely things that needed noted down on a calender. If the day couldn’t be condensed down into one little calender square I’d(‘ll) use a neighboring square of no significance.

For a while I thought this was as good a place for such things but have lost enough in cyber space to know better now. If it’s important it gets a calender square or two. An in real life back up. Also known as two chances to loose it. Which I can and do. That’s where here may prove as good or better. If you tell one other person it’s no longer a secret. Once a secret’s out it’s out. I’ve never heard of a rumor getting lost. By adding a “sent” or two the secret becomes rumor.

At least that’s what I heard.